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The place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports competition.
  1. 'One of the city's most popular live venues is taking a different route this year.'
  2. 'All great sporting venues have their own distinctive group of fans.'
  3. 'The political thrust of the new event is to encourage the creation of more live music venues in the city.'
  4. 'A brand new entertainment venue in Wyre has been unveiled with a glittering gala opening show.'
  5. 'Other small live music venues just withered on the vine.'
  6. 'Nine temporary flight restriction areas around various Olympic venues will be established.'
  7. 'The picture will now form part of an exhibition of close-up science images which will tour venues around the country.'
  8. 'The hall is also an ideal venue for meetings, concerts and other social and cultural gatherings.'
  9. 'The winner will also get a support slot in Holborn Street live music venue on the night of their choice.'
  10. 'Some of its more prestigious venues have included a manor house in Castle Combe.'
  11. 'First, it can be inferred that the primary venue for trial of the young person should be the Youth Court.'
  12. 'It was first built as military barracks and was later used as the first venue for the Treason Trial.'
  13. 'After that, it was renamed the Central Criminal Court and became the venue for bigger trials from a wider area.'
((n.) A neighborhood or near place; the place or county in which anything is alleged to have happened; also, the place where an action is laid.|--|(n.) A bout; a hit; a turn. See Venew.|--|)


1. Law. the place of a crime or cause of action. the county or place where the jury is gathered and the cause tried. the designation, in the pleading, of the jurisdiction where a trial will be held. the statement naming the place and person before whom an affidavit was sworn.

2. the scene or locale of any action or event.

3. the position taken by a person engaged in argument or debate; ground.


"There can be venue whiles."
"There can be venue decisions."
"There can be venue years."
"There can be venue wins."
"There can be venue staffs."
"There can be venue sizes."
"There can be venue shifts."
"There can be venue recentlies."
"There can be venue details."
"There can be venue coses."
"venues can be for matches."
"venues can be for conferences."
"venues can be for meetings."
"venues can be for talks."
"places can have venues."
"venues can be for cups."
"talks can have venues."
"venues can be in places."
"people/places/organizations can have venues."
"venues can be for people/places/organizations."
"venues can group visits by arrangements."
"venues can raise issues with managements."
"venues can raise issues with bands."
"venues can provide people with lots."
"venues can play hosts to conferences."
"venues can play hosts to banquets."
"venues can make things for students."
"venues can have people on tapes."
"venues can hammer out solutions to disputes."
"venues can group visits in evenings."
"venues can group visits in daytimes."
"venues can feature musics at unions."
"venues can cup replays in/at/on tomorrows."
"venues can cost economies in/at/on years."
"venues can bless performings for benefits."
"venues can be centres in/at/on comings."
"venues can answer needs for centres."
"venues can add glows to waterfronts."
"venues can accuse people/places/organizations of tryings."
"venues can start on dates."

Late 16th century (denoting a thrust or bout in fencing; also in the Law sense): from Old French, literally ‘a coming’, feminine past participle of venir ‘come’ from Latin venire.

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