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A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material.
  1. mass noun 'the ceiling was of maple veneer'
  2. 'These are used to bond veneers or to bond plastic laminates to wood for table tops and counters.'
  3. 'I originally asked for the quote on cherry wood veneer.'
  4. 'With a new blade in a utility knife, score the veneer front then back, flush with the stile on all edges; and bend it to complete the cut.'
  5. 'Other papers copy wood grain or use real wood veneers.'
  6. 'Much of today's furniture is made with a thin wood veneer over a core of particleboard, and this material also will rapidly absorb water.'
  7. 'Another example is masonry veneer over a steel or concrete frame.'
  8. 'Key design elements include cherry wood veneer cabinetry with granite stone flooring and countertops.'
  9. 'But the warped and peeling veneer suggested the heat and humidity might also have taken their toll.'
  10. 'Where once there was walnut veneer on the floor, there is now proper stripped wood.'
  11. 'The units are made of plywood with a maple veneer, and are attached to the wall studs.'
  12. 'Some 874 cubic meters of the confiscated logs were meranti, a mahogany-like wood usually used for plywood and veneer.'
  13. 'Think about the thin veneer of civilization for a moment, and ask yourself how you would respond to chaos.'
  14. 'Karzai's claim to power has only the barest veneer of legitimacy.'
  15. 'He's always been there, under the thin veneer of charm.'
  16. 'The veneer of civilisation that covers the beast within us is thin and can be damaged easily.'
  17. 'To my astonishment, Beavers did not respond with the veneer of civility that usually masks his repugnance.'
  18. 'When so much travel writing is given a veneer of objectivity, writers are faced with some disturbing questions.'
  19. 'Each assembly should have a broader peripheral " Civic Forum, " to give a veneer of popular legitimacy.'
  20. 'Well, I suppose one of us had to maintain a veneer of respectability.'
  21. 'The U.S. will undoubtedly engineer a process to create a veneer of democratic legitimacy.'
  22. 'Bit by bit, Faulkner peels away the shiny veneer that covers up the ugly realities of the turn-of-the-century South.'
A crown in which the restoration is placed over the prepared surface of a natural crown.
  1. 'Bleaching won't work on false teeth, crowns, veneers or fillings (including tooth-coloured fillings).'
  2. 'To resemble Pitt, the brothers undergo rhinoplasty, receive chin implants, and obtain porcelain veneers.'


Cover (something) with a decorative layer of fine wood.
  1. 'It takes 350 just to veneer the facia and sew the upholstery.'
  2. 'Hardwood veneered plywood, however, takes laser engraving very well.'
  3. 'The interior features a considerable amount of hardwood and veneered plywood for a very yacht-like look.'
  4. 'If the dent is too deep, or the piece is gouged or veneered, you may be able to fill it with a burn-in stick.'
  5. 'Inside, my Superb wasn't so much veneered as wood-panelled, in the manner of libraries in Agatha Christie books.'
  6. 'Part 2 covers veneering the face frames and other work on the cases (cabinets).'
  7. 'Curved mahogany door cappings and waist rails with walnut veneered facings (a much coveted feature of older Bristols) make a return.'
  8. 'Many people use veneered wood to avoid this seasonal problem.'
  9. 'We used to do that - having games of backgammon or canasta on the veneered wooden cabinet after dinner.'
  10. 'Italy's sleekly veneered Uno still manages to turn heads.'
  11. 'he exuded an air of toughness, lightly veneered by the impeccably tailored suit'
  12. 'His inspirations are the slickly veneered melodramas of the 1950s and '60s.'


1. a thin layer of wood or other material for facing or inlaying wood.

2. any of the thin layers of wood glued together to form plywood.

3. Building Trades. a facing of a certain material applied to a different one or to a type of construction not ordinarily associated with it, as a facing of brick applied to a frame house.

4. a superficially valuable or pleasing appearance: a cruel person with a veneer of kindliness. verb (used with object)

5. to overlay or face (wood) with thin sheets of some material, as a fine wood, ivory, or tortoise shell.

6. to face or cover (an object) with any material that is more desirable as a surface material than the basic material of the object; revet.

7. to cement (layers of wood veneer) to form plywood.

8. to give a superficially valuable or pleasing appearance to.


"There can be veneered rhomboids."
"There can be veneered doors."
"There can be veneered oaks."
"There can be veneered interiors."
"There can be veneered desks."
"There can be veneered chipboards."
"veneereds can be with slabs."
"veneereds can be with mahoganies."
"veneereds can be with cherrywoods."
"veneereds can be with cappings."
"veneereds can be by suits."
"veneereds can be by silks."
"veneereds can be by bodies."



Early 18th century (earlier as fineer): from German furni(e)ren, from Old French fournir ‘furnish’.

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