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A person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street.
  1. 'For example, Unilever sells soap through street vendors and Coca-Cola is sold through kiosks.'
  2. 'The cries of children playing and street vendors hawking their merchandise rose above the hubbub.'
  3. 'She glanced around quickly, and her eyes caught a street vender who was selling ice cream.'
  4. 'He nodded and I turned away, walking straight up to the vendor's cart.'
  5. 'In Peru's informal economic sector, street vendors sell anything from food to flowers.'
  6. 'A seafood vendor hawks his goods at a morning market in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.'
  7. 'The explosion in Baghdad occurred in a market when police tried to dismantle two bombs found in vendors ' stalls.'
  8. 'The battle should begin with shop owners, they should not allow vendors along the corridors.'
  9. 'I'd just grab something from a vendor's cart in the marketplace.'
  10. 'These are sold at market or by street vendors, but people typically grow enough for their own consumption.'
  11. 'First, he must be sure that the vendor of the property is really entitled to sell it.'
  12. 'In the agreement the vendor warranted that the pool machinery was properly constructed and free of structural deficits.'
  13. 'Contracts between the vendor and the claimant were exchanged on 12 th June 1995.'
((n.) A vender; a seller; the correlative of vendee.)


1. a person or agency that sells.

2. vending machine.


"There can be vendor companies."
"There can be vendor shareholders."
"There can be vendor deliveries."
"There can be vendor pacts."
"There can be vendor groups."
"There can be vendor financings."
"There can be vendor relationships."
"There can be vendor control systems."
"There can be vendor communities."
"There can be vendor agreements."
"There can be vendor performances."
"There can be vendor credits."
"There can be vendor supports."
"There can be vendor placings."
"There can be vendor payments."
"There can be vendor offeringses."
"There can be vendor intentions."
"There can be vendor finances."
"There can be vendor viewpoints."
"There can be vendor trusts."
"vendors can write versions on workstations."
"vendors can write versions on systems."
"vendors can shoo hordes from dates."
"vendors can shift assemblies to channels."
"vendors can sell lands with possessions."
"vendors can scour hillsides in/at/on years."
"vendors can scour hillsides for plants."
"vendors can roll out computers in comings."
"vendors can receive rands in people/places/organizations."
"vendors can receive rands at prices."
"vendors can put lines onto maintenances."
"vendors can put lines onto cares."
"vendors can get informations down to consumers."
"vendors can face threats from javas."
"vendors can distribute versions on workstations."
"vendors can distribute versions on systems."
"vendors can derive revenues from sales."
"vendors can adapt products to talks."
"vendors can adapt products to protocols."
"vendors can adapt databases to talks."

Late 16th century: from Anglo-Norman French vendour (see vend).

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