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A closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon, that has a thick short pile on one side.
  1. as modifier 'red velvet curtains'
  2. 'The Chinese-style dresses, skirts and tops come in shimmering silk and voluptuous velvet.'
  3. 'The girls looked stunning in silk, chiffon and velvet as they modelled two-piece outfits and flowing ensembles.'
  4. 'They sat, as they always did, in the faded velvet armchairs on either side of the fire.'
  5. 'Hastily, she twisted her hair into a loose bun and then pulled on the hood over her head, savoring the soft feeling of velvet against her skin.'
  6. 'She pressed her face into the soft blue velvet of her mother's dress.'
  7. 'Even centuries later, the rich damasks and velvets favored for upholstery would be seen as the height of chic.'
  8. 'Her skin was lightly tanned and looked as smooth and as soft as velvet.'
  9. 'The firelight caught the cut of the diamonds and they sparkled against the burgundy velvet.'
  10. 'The materials used are silk, silk organza, cotton, brocade and velvet.'
  11. 'I lifted up the skirt of my ruby velvet dress and walked towards him.'
  12. 'the bucks are still in velvet'
  13. 'The collection of deer antler velvet is reportedly quite cruel by western standards.'
  14. 'The bucks were so close that I could see the velvet on their antlers - from the safety of my car.'
((n.) A silk fabric, having a short, close nap of erect threads. Inferior qualities are made with a silk pile on a cotton or linen back.|--|(n.) The soft and highly vascular deciduous skin which envelops and nourishes the antlers of deer during their rapid growth.|--|)


1. a fabric of silk, nylon, acetate, rayon, etc., sometimes having a cotton backing, with a thick, soft pile formed of loops of the warp thread either cut at the outer end or left uncut.

2. something likened to the fabric velvet, as in softness or texture: the velvet of her touch; the velvet of the lawn.

3. the soft, deciduous covering of a growing antler.

4. Informal. a very pleasant, luxurious, desirable situation.

5. Informal. money gained through gambling; winnings. clear gain or profit, especially when more than anticipated. adjective

6. Also, velveted. made of velvet or covered with velvet.

7. Also, velvetlike. resembling or suggesting velvet; smooth; soft; velvety: a velvet night; a cat's velvet fur.


"There can be velvet caps."
"velvets can be with sheens."
"velvets can be with shadows."
"velvets can be with piles."
"velvets can be with laces."
"velvets can be with huges."
"velvets can be with furs."
"velvets can be with borders."
"velvets can be over pleats."
"velvets can be over armours."
"velvets can be on sofas."
"velvets can be on chairs."
"velvets can be on antlerses."
"upholsteries can have velvets."
"skies can have velvets."
"shoulders can have velvets."
"nails can have velvets."
"drapes can have velvets."
"costumes can have velvets."
"velvets can be in revolutions."
"velvets can play roles to plays."
"velvets can play panels to plays."
"velvets can play dresses to plays."
"velvets can drape ways across nets."
"velvets can do gigs in/at/on weeks."
"velvets can cancel gigs because of lacks."
"velvets can play to plays."
"velvets can unfold into hells."
"velvets can seat for effects."
"velvets can unfold into violences."
"velvets can unfold into terrors."
"velvets can unfold into scenes."
"velvets can tie at necks."
"velvets can seat on tuskses."
"velvets can seat on chairs."
"velvets can seat on carpets."
"velvets can reach about people/places/organizations."
"velvets can intrude on surfaces."
"velvets can drape across nets."
"velvets can do in/at/on weeks."

Middle English: from Old French veluotte, from velu ‘velvety’, from medieval Latin villutus, from Latin villus ‘tuft, down’.

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