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A plush woven fabric resembling velvet, used for soft furnishings, casual clothing,and hats.
  1. 'She is also quick to point out that there's more to her than just being a footballer's girlfriend and spending money on pink velour leisure suits.'
  2. 'There are 87 bedrooms, all in country-house style, and the newly decorated executive rooms, some with four-poster beds, feature darker, lusher colour schemes in opulent damasks and velours.'
  3. 'The sport car comes equipped with a leather steering wheel, leather gear knob, velour upholstery, body coloured spoiler and rugged metallic pedals.'
  4. 'Since I had about a half hour to wait for breakfast, I took a shower and dressed in one of my new pairs of velour sweats.'
  5. 'The living room was home to a velour three-piece suite and we used the open fire a lot until we discovered the chimney had been blocked all along.'
  6. 'These velour pants from Hugo Boss are perfect for lounging around, by merging comfort and style.'
  7. 'Waking up early that day in order to leave extra early and have time to stop at Starbucks for breakfast, Madison and I both showered and then dressed in matching velour sweats, mine in pink and hers in blue.'
  8. 'She was the first girl in the class to get her ears pierced, the first to own a velour tracksuit (we all lusted after it - this was 1980 after all), the first to have her own record player in her room.'
  9. 'He made his reputation by throwing his weight around the department, a considerable girth I might add which he unfortunately chose to cover in velour workout suits.'
  10. 'It's a lot easier to clean the kind of mess young kids make from leather trim than it is from some of that plush velour material.'


1. a velvetlike fabric of rayon, wool, or any of several other natural or synthetic fibers, used for outerwear and upholstery.

2. a velvety fur felt, as of beaver, for hats.


"There can be velour trims."
"There can be velour trilbies."
"There can be velour trackieses."
"There can be velour robes."
"There can be velour finishes."
"There can be velour drapes."
"There can be velour curtains."
"There can be velour coats."
"velours can be for designs."

Early 18th century: from French velours ‘velvet’, from Old French velour, from Latin villosus ‘hairy’, from villus (see velvet).

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