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Fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf.
  1. 'Before the advent of the printing press, books were made of vellum because it was durable.'
  2. 'Early codices were made of papyrus but later developments replaced this by vellum.'
  3. 'From what scholars have managed to read so far they believe it is an early Christian Psalter written on vellum, a parchment made from animal skin.'
((n.) A fine kind of parchment, usually made from calfskin, and rendered clear and white, -- used as for writing upon, and for binding books.)


1. calfskin, lambskin, kidskin, etc., treated for use as a writing surface.

2. a manuscript or the like on vellum.

3. a texture of paper or cloth resembling vellum. adjective

4. made of or resembling vellum.

5. bound in vellum.


"There can be vellum processes."
"There can be vellum portolans."
"There can be vellum portions."
"There can be vellum pages."
"There can be vellum copies."
"There can be vellum bindings."
"There can be vellum binders."
"vellums can be with waxes."
"vellums can be with paintings."
"vellums can be to purples."
"works can have vellums."
"vellums can be in shops."
"vellums can preserve in circulations."
"vellums can be-cut to edges."
"vellums can be-cut by times."

Late Middle English: from Old French velin, from veel (see veal).

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