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noun & adjective

  1. 'I'm sure there are lots of healthy veggies out there, and I admire them for making the effort to eat healthily, but it's not for me.'
  2. 'For a veggie barbecue, many people grill whole portabello mushrooms marinated in either a barbecue marinade or in raspberry vinaigrette dressing.'
  3. 'There may still be very little for veggies but, on the surface, at least, the world's biggest restaurant chain is changing.'
  4. 'Not being keen on traditional roasts and veg, I went for the veggie dish, a sweet and sour vegetable mix on a bed of rice, and found it an acceptable if unexciting meal.'
  5. 'Each day, residents are presented with a menu for the following day, offering a choice of four or five main meals, including a veggie option.'
  6. 'My wife was most impressed by the veggie dish, which comprised mainly of courgettes and aubergines, and tasted excellent, although the pork was also fine.'
  7. 'I urge you to try being a veggie for say one week and see how much you enjoy the taste of fresh wholesome food.'
  8. 'IT'S a family tradition to tuck into a huge veggie breakfast.'
  9. 'Try a veggie recipe and take a minute to see if you like it.'
  10. 'I'm a vegetarian and often there's nothing to eat in these kind of places but they had an impressive veggie menu and the peanut butter ice cream was one of the finest things I've ever eaten.'
  1. 'I call myself a gardener, but I just let the whole vegie patch go completely to seed.'
  2. 'Seven-year-old Cody gets a buzz out of growing vegetables for his family, and raising chickens for the manure they provide for his vegie patch.'
  3. 'Nuts, fruits and easy-to-eat veggies, like carrot sticks, are excellent snacks.'
  4. 'We grow our own veggies at home - and I know that I am lucky, but why not invest in a veggie box delivered to your door?'
  5. 'This fresh and tasty dip can be eaten with veggies, or spread on toasted bread.'
  6. 'Trim the ends, and cut all veggies in little sticks, not too thin.'
  7. 'Sure, I have an extensive veggie garden on my tiny bit of land - even dug up a bit of lawn to plant tomatoes and marrows, which we're being overwhelmed with at present.'
  8. 'It's getting too hot to plant much in the vegie garden now.'
  9. 'We already operate a veggie box scheme, but have to buy in many of our products.'
  10. 'All those vegetable trimmings, potato peelings and veggies from the table can all go on the compost heap.'

noun, Informal.

1. a vegetable.

2. a vegetarian.


"There can be veggie ranges."
"There can be veggie omelettes."
"There can be veggie nosheries."
"There can be veggie libels."
"There can be veggie burgerses."
"There can be veggie burgers."

1970s: abbreviation.

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