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Live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way.
  1. 'I didn't want to sit and vegetate in front of the TV so I started the course.'
  2. 'Now, he was quite content to work on and draw a fairly respectable salary as an alternative to vegetating on a basic old age pension.'
  3. 'I work long days, and then tend to vegetate when I'm not working, so I'm always at one of extremes, activity-wise.'
  4. 'Not that I read any more or make music or write - I just vegetate in front of the myriad digital channels we now have.'
  5. 'Joseph prefers to vegetate on a sofa and read his books.'
  6. 'All you do is vegetate and count the milliseconds until you can go home.'
  7. 'I thought I was faced with vegetating on benefits until pensionable age, but I'm now ready for a new future.'
  8. 'It was his first competitive action since Royal St George's, following a much-needed break in which he vegetated on the sofa and reacquainted himself with his Rangers season-ticket.'
  9. 'I've drunk myself stupid at university, I've smoked, and I've vegetated.'
  10. 'If I don't help him along, he will sit there and vegetate.'
(of a plant or seed) grow; sprout.
  1. 'the final task was to vegetate the area used to store the muck dredged from the pond'
  2. 'The Board plans to vegetate Waterfall Gully with more native trees and plants.'
  3. 'This area is lightly vegetated with juniper, pine, sage, and grasses.'
((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Vegetate)


Stop vegetating on the couch.

Early 17th century: from Latin vegetat- ‘enlivened’, from the verb vegetare, from vegetus ‘active’, from vegere ‘be active’.

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