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Relax to the point of complete inertia.
  1. 'He paid for our tickets while I vegged in those really comfy blue armchairs they have for you to sit in while you wait.'
  2. 'Stay at home, open some wine, light some candles, put on some good music and just veg out with the dogs.'
  3. 'After our huge feast the day prior, we didn't feel like going out and I was happy to veg out and do nothing.'
  4. 'After all that exercise, you'll want to veg out in one of two thermal pools at Elkhorn Hot Springs.'
  5. 'So we stayed in, watched the telly and generally vegged.'
  6. 'They refuse to allow Mike to veg out and feel sorry for himself, and force him out to various social engagements.'
  7. 'Every good hangover deserves a great movie to veg in front of and you couldn't do much better than Toy Story 2.'
  8. 'It leaves too many people wrecked, fit only to veg out in front of the box, eat a ready-meal then slump into bed.'
  9. 'I then sat down on a huge sofa and vegged out, waiting for my food to arrive.'
  10. 'As she vegged on the couch later that evening, the phone rang.'


A vegetable or vegetables.
  1. 'Despite our awareness of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, we can still be surprisingly unimaginative when it comes to fruit and veg.'
  2. 'Frozen garden peas are kept in the freezer as they go well with most meals but they are the only veg I buy which is frozen.'
  3. 'Use them in salads, on bruschetta or as a veg with barbecued chicken or fish.'
  4. 'Eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, which can include tinned and frozen, and cut down on fat, salt and added sugar.'
  5. 'Only 13 per cent of men and 15 per cent of women eat more than five portions of fruit and veg a day.'
  6. 'Meat-eaters should also eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day, you know.'
  7. 'My favourite is meat and veg, but I do eat lots of fruit.'
  8. 'You should eat 60 per cent fresh fruits and veg, as much as possible in their raw state.'
  9. 'Increasing the amount of fruit and veg you eat is a really positive step towards better health.'
  10. 'I love eating out, and my preference is generally to eat meat or fish with veg.'

noun, plural veg, veges. Chiefly British. Informal.

1. a vegetable. verb (used without object), vegged, vegging. Slang.

2. to relax in a mindless way (usually fol. by out): We vegged out all weekend, watching the soccer channel and ordering pizza. Tonight I'll go home and veg with a good book.


"There can be veg vegs."
"There can be veg sides."
"There can be veg promoters."
"There can be veg people."
"There can be veg businesses."
"vegs can be to plants."
"vegs can be to people."
"vegs can be on carveries."
"vegs can be into bargainings."
"vegs can be in canteens."
"vegs can be in buildings."
"vegs can be for lasts."
"vegs can push down in dates."

Late 19th century: abbreviation.

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