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  1. 'He understood the practice of European vassalage and the importance attached to an oath taken to an lord.'
  2. 'Before then personal vassalage was common, but a considerable proportion of peasants were slaves.'
((n.) The state of being a vassal, or feudatory.|--|(n.) Political servitude; dependence; subjection; slavery; as, the Greeks were held in vassalage by the Turks.|--|(n.) A territory held in vassalage.|--|(n.) Vassals, collectively; vassalry.|--|(n.) Valorous service, such as that performed by a vassal; valor; prowess; courage.|--|)


1. the state or condition of a vassal.

2. homage or service required of a vassal.

3. a territory held by a vassal.

4. vassals collectively.

5. dependence, subjection, or servitude.


"vassalages can be towards lords."
"vassalages can be to popes."

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