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The fact or quality of being different, divergent, or inconsistent.
  1. count noun 'the stylistic variances of classical dance'
  2. 'His views are quite at variance with those of Prime Minister Howard on important aspects of foreign policy and Australia's place in the world.'
  3. 'He said such an approach was at variance with established legal principles with regard to fair procedure.'
  4. 'The public debate was misinformed and very much at variance with the position set out by the CEO.'
  5. 'And the conclusions expressed seem, well, slightly at variance with Grant's synopsis.'
  6. 'In short, they are legal attributes of the Crown which are significantly at variance with those enjoyed by private persons.'
  7. 'The findings are at variance with recent preliminary figures from the National Educational Welfare Board.'
  8. 'But it turned out worse than that: the 200 submissions were later judged to be totally at variance with the findings of the RAF's own Board of Inquiry into the accident.'
  9. 'The story told through the video is completely at variance with the mood of the song.'
  10. '‘Thus I'll be supporting him even though that's at variance with decisions I've taken in the past,’ he added.'
  11. 'Mitchell's failure to name those who paid for a private opinion poll during the election campaign appeared at variance with his public pleas for openness and accountability.'
  12. 'Last but not least, try not to be at variance with anyone.'
  13. 'The figures were at variance with the Irish Hospitality Industry Alliance, which said up to 65,000 jobs would be lost if the blanket ban was introduced.'
  14. 'The method allowed him to investigate the independence of the sample mean and sample variance in certain cases.'
  15. 'Random effects are typically assumed to follow normal distributions with zero mean and unknown variances, termed ‘variance components.’'
An official dispensation from a rule or regulation, typically a building regulation.
  1. 'In New York's Chrysler Building, a code variance was required from the fire department to locate the control panel in a room off the lobby rather than beside the elevators.'
  2. 'It needed variances because the building codes were set up for either residential or hotels, not both.'
((n.) The quality or state of being variant; change of condition; variation.|--|(n.) Difference that produce dispute or controversy; disagreement; dissension; discord; dispute; quarrel.|--|(n.) A disagreement or difference between two parts of the same legal proceeding, which, to be effectual, ought to agree, -- as between the writ and the declaration, or between the allegation and the proof.|--|)


1. the state, quality, or fact of being variable, divergent, different, or anomalous.

2. an instance of varying; difference; discrepancy.

3. Also called mean square deviation. Statistics. the square of the standard deviation.

4. Physics, Chemistry. the number of degrees of freedom of a system.

5. Law. a difference or discrepancy, as between two statements or documents in law that should agree. a departure from the cause of action originally stated in the complaint.

6. an official permit to do something normally forbidden by regulations, especially by building in a way or for a purpose normally forbidden by a zoning law or a building code.

7. a disagreement, dispute, or quarrel. Idioms

8. at variance, (of things) in a state of difference or disagreement. (of persons) in a state of controversy or dissension: at variance with one's superiors.


"There can be variance spectra."
"There can be variance tests."
"There can be variance tables."
"There can be variance reductions."
"There can be variance frms."
"There can be variance estimators."
"There can be variance estimates."
"There can be variance criteria."
"returns can have variances."
"people/places/organizations can have variances."
"successes can have variances."
"changes can have variances."
"terms can have variances."
"variances can be with views."
"variances can be with people."
"distributions can have variances."
"consumptions can have variances."
"variances can be with laws."
"rates can have variances."
"prices can have variances."
"variances can reveal weaknesses in control systems."
"variances can provide grounds for actions."
"variances can provide grounds by managements."
"variances can influence markets to downsides."
"variances can result from intensifications."
"variances can be due to perceptions."
"variances can use for comparisons."
"variances can reveal in control systems."
"variances can result in businesses."
"variances can result from factors."
"variances can relate to volumes."
"variances can relate to costs."
"variances can reduce in months."
"variances can provide for actions."
"variances can provide by managements."
"variances can move in directions."
"variances can lead to depreciations."
"variances can influence to downsides."
"variances can increase with ages."
"variances can fall in months."

Middle English: via Old French from Latin variantia ‘difference’, from the verb variare (see vary).

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