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A substance diffused or suspended in the air, especially one normally liquid or solid.
  1. count noun 'petrol vapours'
  2. 'As water vapor condenses in the air each night, grass, plants and cars are covered by morning with a thin layer of water.'
  3. 'Never ignite vapors from aerosol cans, they can explode.'
  4. 'Having grown up in a cloud of nicotine vapour I am still thankful that I never succumbed.'
  5. 'A nebulizer machine turns liquid medicine into a vapor that you breathe.'
  6. 'Work should be carried out in a well ventilated area, and ingestion and inhalation of the vapour should be avoided.'
  7. 'A nebuliser is a device that turns a medicine into an vapour, and is used with a face mask or mouthpiece.'
  8. 'You might also add a few drops of the oil to a hot bath and soak for a while, inhaling the steamy vapors.'
  9. 'Mercury vapors can cause toxic effects on the central and peripheral nervous system, lungs, kidneys, skin, and eyes.'
  10. 'A few die-hards do start their exercises early, their breath turning to vapour in the cold.'
  11. 'Ethyl chloride is a rapid-acting general anesthetic that becomes flammable and explosive when 4 to 15 percent of the vapor is mixed with air.'
  12. 'A gas is distinguished from a vapor in that a gas is above the critical point at which the liquid boils.'
A sudden feeling of faintness or nervousness or a state of depression.
  1. 'She sat at the table, legs propped up on the table in a manner that would give ladies in the finer centres of Europe a case of the vapours.'
  2. '‘If you have ever got the vapours when your teenager has stood beside your fixed-line phone making an expensive mobile call, then this addresses the problem,’ he said.'
  3. 'Clark himself - who was so pro-Thatcher he had a fit of the vapours in her presence - was not a fan.'


Talk in a vacuous, boasting, or pompous way.
  1. 'Neither of these vaporings has the remotest basis in the actual Constitution.'
  2. 'Their coverage was dominated by the self-important vapourings of a stream of politicians.'

noun, verb (used with or without object), Chiefly British.

1. vapor.


"There can be vapour barriers."
"There can be vapour trails."
"There can be vapour phases."
"There can be vapour traps."
"There can be vapour tanks."
"There can be vapour screens."
"There can be vapour rubs."
"There can be vapour forms."
"There can be vapour flushings."
"There can be vapour units."
"There can be vapour trailings."
"There can be vapour states."
"There can be vapour mixtures."
"There can be vapour mercuries."
"There can be vapour lockings."
"There can be vapour locks."
"There can be vapour leaks."
"There can be vapour lamps."
"There can be vapour jets."
"There can be vapour ignitions."
"vapours can take parts in processes."
"vapours can cloud explosions at damages."
"vapours can affect balances in bodies."
"vapours can be in equilibriums."
"vapours can rise in columns."
"vapours can leak from fuel pumps."
"vapours can condense into oceans."
"vapours can build up in spaces."
"vapours can turn to ices."
"vapours can take in processes."
"vapours can rustle through people."
"vapours can rise through equilibriums."
"vapours can rise into atmospheres."
"vapours can remain in atmospheres."
"vapours can predict by laws."
"vapours can mix with airs."
"vapours can leak into parts."
"vapours can glitter in/at/on people/places/organizations."
"vapours can glitter in mornings."
"vapours can give to summits."

Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin vapor ‘steam, heat’. The current verb sense dates from the early 17th century.

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