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Disappear suddenly and completely.
  1. 'I was confident until the moment I took my turn and stood there alone in front of the class, when the lyrics suddenly vanished from my brain.'
  2. 'However, after being put out to cool, the pie mysteriously vanished without trace.'
  3. 'As the horse and rider vanished into the mist I braced myself for the next apparition.'
  4. 'I just wanted to punch him, making that stupid grin vanish from his face forever.'
  5. 'He had vanished from work on July 21 last year leaving his jacket on the back of his chair, his name tag on the desk and his car locked up in his consultant's parking bay.'
  6. 'We were able to watch it for several more seconds before it vanished into darkness.'
  7. 'His spine straightened and all traces of humor vanished from his face.'
  8. 'She vanished from the family home on Saturday, February 16 last year.'
  9. 'A distraught mother whose special needs son has vanished from his east Belfast home is praying for his safe return.'
  10. 'Her smile suddenly vanished from her face and she took a step back.'
  11. 'the environment is under threat—hedgerows and woodlands are vanishing'
  12. 'Springs will all have vanished, all the rivers will cease foaming.'
  13. 'The salmon vanished from the Swiss Rhine by the 1930s and from the German Rhine by the 1950s.'
  14. 'The message to be learnt from this festival could be that the reading habit has vanished from our homes, while books are safe in libraries.'
  15. 'If the species is allowed to vanish, scientists believe it will foreshadow the extinction of a host of other marine species.'
  16. 'By the time it vanished from daytime activities, the tailcoat had assumed the form we recognize today.'
  17. 'In British Columbia, ancient forests are vanishing at the rate of one acre every 70 seconds, or 418,000 acres per year.'
  18. 'By the time I entered graduate school, the sense of bewilderment had vanished.'
  19. 'The great British Empire has collapsed and vanished before our very eyes.'
Become zero.
  1. 'In mathematics, a root (or a zero) of a complex-valued function f is a member x of the domain of f such that f(x) vanishes at x.'
((n.) A vanishing.)

Middle English: shortening of Old French e(s)vaniss-, lengthened stem of e(s)vanir, from Latin evanescere ‘die away’.

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