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A person whose job is to estimate the value of something that is to be purchased.
  1. 'In each case the valuer was required to provide an estimate of the price which the property might reasonably be expected to fetch if sold in the open market at the date of the valuation.'
  2. 'If the valuer says that the resale value is reduced, I have a decision to make.'
  3. 'He has acted as a consultant valuer and advisor to several of the major oil companies based here for over 30 years.'
  4. 'The lending institution should have a panel of valuers so if one is too high, ask for another estimate.'
  5. 'The Evening Press reported on Tuesday how valuers had estimated the value of the former school and its land at about £125,000.'
  6. 'In the ordinary way the purchaser in this example will not know of the negligence of his valuer or solicitor when completing the purchase.'
  7. 'The fund must be valued every three years and, if the expert valuers say there isn't enough money, employers have to increase their contributions to the scheme.'
  8. 'They were not only shown houses and apartments, but written valuations by supposedly reputable valuers.'
  9. 'After advice from the district valuer, they put in an offer of £200,000, which was rejected.'
  10. 'Concerns have been raised that livestock valuers and farmers have colluded to increase the value of animals culled during the crisis, a national newspaper has reported.'
((n.) One who values; an appraiser.)


1. British. an appraiser.

2. a person who values.


"valuers can be for funds."
"valuers can be at people/places/organizations."
"valuers can be with managements."
"valuers can be to resolvers."
"pictures can have valuers."
"valuers can be in relation to grants."
"valuers can be at values."
"valuers can be as principals."
"valuers can be as to things."
"valuers can accept liabilities in torts."
"valuers can produce valuations for purposes."
"valuers can make valuations on assumptions."
"valuers can do values on bases."
"valuers can accept liabilities to societies."
"valuers can accept liabilities to people."
"valuers can accept liabilities to borrowers."
"valuers can manage by people/places/organizations."
"valuers can know besides clientthens."
"valuers can accept in torts."
"valuers can produce for purposes."
"valuers can manage by people."
"valuers can make on assumptions."
"valuers can do on bases."
"valuers can contract to borrowers."
"valuers can contract as liabilities."
"valuers can be of offices."
"valuers can appear in severals."
"valuers can accept to societies."
"valuers can accept to people."

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