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The quality of being logically or factually sound; soundness or cogency.
  1. 'Given this methodological limitation, the external validity of the present findings is clearly an issue.'
  2. 'It is methodologically challenging to establish the validity of either mother or father reports of father involvement, particularly when parents do not agree.'
  3. 'One can hardly expect a national drug policy to be effective when serious questions may arise over the validity of the estimates on which it is based.'
  4. 'Secondly, even granting validity, the argument is still unsound as its two main premises are either simply false or, at best, highly controversial.'
  5. 'The validity of the data may have been affected in several ways.'
  6. 'A proof may be messy, dreary, tedious, or look like a joke, but there must be an unequivocal criterion for its validity, even if accessible to but a few specialists.'
  7. 'Triangulation is one way to increase the validity of a qualitative study.'
  8. 'In the latter case, you may decide to assess the validity of such views or come up with a better interpretation of your own.'
  9. 'This questionnaire has adequate reliability and validity.'
  10. 'Several general practitioners were lost to follow up, which threatens the internal validity of the trial.'
  11. 'return travel must be within the validity of the ticket'
  12. 'In many cases consent was obtained by Government officials through fraud, coercion or misrepresentation, tactics which annulled the validity of such consent.'
  13. 'They refused to recognise the appointment, and announced plans for a legal challenge against the validity of the new government.'
  14. 'In summary, it is possible to suggest that the principles governing the validity of parental consent to research are as follows.'
  15. 'This step is a safety mechanism to prevent prescription forgery because each number can be checked to verify its validity.'
  16. 'There is, to be sure, a measure of validity to the identification.'
  17. 'When road maintenance charges were applied to interstate vehicles in 1933, there were a number of test cases on their constitutional validity.'
  18. 'Individuals could also be naturalised as subjects, but naturalisation held only in the place where it had been granted, and had no validity elsewhere in the Empire.'
((n.) The quality or state of being valid; strength; force; especially, power to convince; justness; soundness; as, the validity of an argument or proof; the validity of an objection.|--|(n.) Legal strength, force, or authority; that quality of a thing which renders it supportable in law, or equity; as, the validity of a will; the validity of a contract, claim, or title.|--|(n.) Value.|--|)


1. the state or quality of being valid: to question the validity of the argument.

2. legal soundness or force.


"There can be validity dates."
"There can be validity studies."
"There can be validity coefficients."
"There can be validity claims."
"There can be validity visas."
"There can be validity problems."
"There can be validity licences."
"There can be validity wills."
"There can be validity turns."
"There can be validity tests."
"There can be validity scores."
"There can be validity principles."
"There can be validity people."
"There can be validity deadlines."
"There can be validity corroboratings."
"studies can have validities."
"consents can have validities."
"bonds can have validities."
"rules can have validities."
"legislations can have validities."
"validities can send decisions to departments."
"validities can raise problems through dates."
"validities can pound ends on dates."
"validities can mar projects in pasts."
"validities can lay collections from places."
"validities can lay collections down duties."
"validities can exchange views as affairs."
"validities can enhance performances on tasks."
"validities can deprive people from backgrounds."
"validities can refer to extents."
"validities can refer to agreements."
"validities can extend by hours."
"validities can be of importances."
"validities can be in markets."
"validities can be in doubts."
"validities can vanish along with people."
"validities can test from backgrounds."
"validities can set on imports."
"validities can set out in amendments."
"validities can send to departments."

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