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A person who is unduly anxious about their health.
  1. 'I replied by giving him a full, complete, and accurate history of my ailments, after the manner of valetudinarians.'
  2. 'Emma, a clever, pretty, and self-satisfied young woman, is the daughter, and mistress of the house, of Mr Woodhouse, an amiable old valetudinarian.'
  3. 'Here are always to be seen a great number of valetudinarians from the West Indies, seeking for the renovation of health, exhausted by the debilitating nature of their sun, air, and modes of living.'
  4. 'The number of valetudinarians continued to decrease and the Spa House became in time the headquarters of the roistering Rakes of Mallow.'
  5. 'In the western part of the parish is a valley encircled with hills, celebrated for goats’ milk, which is in much request by valetudinarians, who resort hither during the summer months.'


Showing undue concern about one's health.
  1. 'In their fascinating and eloquent valetudinarian correspondence, Adams and Jefferson had a great deal to say about religion.'
((n.) A person of a weak or sickly constitution; one who is seeking to recover health.)

Early 18th century: from Latin valetudinarius ‘in ill health’ (from valetudo ‘health’, from valere ‘be well’) + -an.

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