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Lack of thought or intelligence; empty-headedness.
  1. 'What we are left with is an empty, shallow shocker whose vacuity is calamitously exposed in its final act.'
  2. 'The musical, emotional and intellectual vacuity of much fusion music is patent.'
  3. 'He championed human values in art and denounced what he considered the frivolity or vacuity of much contemporary painting and sculpture.'
  4. 'Full of excitement, I listened to my first student sermon - only to be taken aback by its vacuity.'
  5. 'It's an unpleasant, manipulative trick, but actually pales in comparison with the moral vacuity of the concluding episode.'
  6. 'In other words, Intelligent Design has moved itself further into the realm of scientific vacuity.'
  7. 'Even now, legislators and other government officials bemoan its vacuity and lack of detailed initiatives.'
  8. 'That sentence is worth reading a couple of times, if only to savour its breathtaking idiocy and vacuity.'
  9. 'This shows the vacuity of today's policymaking.'
  10. 'We weren't going to hear praise of our excesses, our shallowness, our engulfing vacuity.'
Empty space; emptiness.
  1. 'The way by which all things emerge from vacuity is the Way.'
  2. 'The lateral margins of palatal foramina are visible at the lateral edges of the anterior margin of the apparently single, large palatal vacuity.'
  3. 'In life, the anterior median vacuity was covered by dermal tooth plates, the parotic or arcual plates.'
((n.) The quality or state of being vacuous, or not filled; emptiness; vacancy; as, vacuity of mind; vacuity of countenance.|--|(n.) Space unfilled or unoccupied, or occupied with an invisible fluid only; emptiness; void; vacuum.|--|(n.) Want of reality; inanity; nihility.|--|)

noun, plural vacuities.

1. the state of being vacuous or without contents; vacancy; emptiness: the vacuity of the open sea.

2. absence of thought or intelligence; inanity; blankness: a mind of undeniable vacuity.

3. a time or state of dullness, lacking in mental or physical action or productivity: the vacuity of modern existence.

4. an empty space; void: a vacuity in the earth formed by erosion.

5. absence or lack of something specified: a vacuity of feeling.

6. something inane, senseless, or stupid: conversation full of vacuities.

7. a vacuum.


"vacuities can be with vanities."
"thinkings can have vacuities."
"societies can have vacuities."
"leisures can have vacuities."
"events can have vacuities."
"debates can have vacuities."
"vacuities can be at hearts."
"vacuities can be as minds."
"vacuities can occur in s."

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