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(in tsarist Russia) a decree with the force of law.
  1. 'Certainly no hint of a slavedriver there - although the group was careful to observe Kukes' ukase against smoking cigarettes, a rarity in tobacco-saturated Russia.'
  2. 'To seek rhyme or reason in such decisions is as vain an inquiry as to seek the same qualities in the ukase of a Russian Czar or the whims of an Oriental despot.'
  3. 'In the late 1960s comprehensive education had been imposed on local authorities by Labour with all the ruthlessness of a ukase.'
  4. 'he was defying the publisher in the very building from which he had issued his ukase'
  5. 'I remember my daughter's 2nd grade teacher saying that she only had spelling books because she rescued them from the dumpster after the ukase came down that they weren't supposed to use them anymore.'
  6. 'As in the United States, the Australian History Wars are conducted by ukase.'
  7. 'Sport exists in a specialised world of brutal oppression, of draconian law, of fascist ukase.'
  8. 'Railtrack was nationalised by ministerial ukase, at a point when the market recognised its crisis had peaked and could be overcome.'
((n.) In Russia, a published proclamation or imperial order, having the force of law.)

From Russian ukaz ‘ordinance, edict’, from ukazatʹ ‘show, decree’.

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