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In or to some place.
  1. 'can we go somewhere warm?'
  2. 'People do acknowledge that young people need an outlet but we have to draw a line somewhere.'
  3. 'Move somewhere warm with a lower cost of living and take a new job and a new outlook on life.'
  4. 'Certainly there are still plenty of workmen busy doing something somewhere.'
  5. 'A jukebox somewhere through the throng of people was playing an old Johnny Cash compilation.'
  6. 'I could write about my experiences in India again, but they're somewhere in the archives.'
  7. 'On a bookshelf somewhere I have the text of the play, with all the lyrics, which I should dig out for her.'
  8. 'On the bus yesterday, from a seat somewhere behind me, though I was unable to see the conversants.'
  9. 'Cover with foil and leave to rest somewhere warm for eight to ten minutes before slicing.'
  10. 'He was still very subdued and distracted so I suggested we go somewhere nice to eat.'
  11. 'Write a script to extract the data, compress it, and email a copy somewhere.'
  12. 'At the moment my chance of going on the space shuttle is somewhere between zero and zero.'
  13. 'This is an enormous book of somewhere between two hundred and two hundred and fifty thousand words.'
  14. 'I reckon I'm somewhere between a third and a half done now, as far as the actual writing goes.'
  15. 'The larger fish were steelhead and salmon of somewhere between five and ten pounds at a guess.'
  16. 'Now, somewhere between fifteen and twenty years ago, I was a singular fan of the Bangles.'
  17. 'On a normal day somewhere between thirty and a hundred messages come in on the FAQ line.'
  18. 'In these dreams I can go up to somewhere around the equivalent of 100 stories or so.'
  19. 'He didn't know what her real name was, but he knew she had to be somewhere around fifteen or sixteen.'
  20. 'I will post as quickly as I can though, likely somewhere around once every two weeks.'


Some unspecified place.
  1. 'India to me was always very romantic and as I grew up it was somewhere I always wanted to go.'
  2. 'Use prevents abuse and once it is finished it will be somewhere people will want to go.'
  3. 'Harry looked at me in despair, sighed, and wandered off to find somewhere quiet in the study to doze in safety.'
  4. 'God forbid a Scot ever leaves the sacred shores and goes to somewhere warmer.'
  5. 'If the funding for universities is to be kept the same, the money has to come from somewhere.'
  6. 'One was, once again, the callow young subaltern, looking for somewhere to shave.'
  7. 'We like the pub, it is somewhere people of our age can go without fear of trouble and John will keep it like that.'
  8. 'From somewhere Angus could hear a voice, a far-away voice against an electronic hum.'
  9. 'The country no longer feels like somewhere foreign, just somewhere different.'
  10. 'It's not somewhere Dell would want to go, and consequently it's not a plan Dell would want to see work.'


1. in or at some place not specified, determined, or known: They live somewhere in Michigan.

2. to some place not specified or known: They went out somewhere.

3. at or to some point in amount, degree, etc. (usually followed by about, near, etc.): He is somewhere about 60 years old.

4. at some point of time (usually followed by about, between, in, etc.): somewhere about 1930; somewhere between 1930 and 1940; somewhere in the 1930s. noun

5. an unspecified or uncertain place.


"some-wheres can cope with things."
"some-wheres can be in assistants."



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