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The start or resumption of a football game, in which a player kicks the ball from the center of the field.
  1. 'We had some rain before kick-off and the players are taking full advantage.'
  2. 'The side losing the toss has the kick-off from the centre point between the goals.'
  3. 'She was presenting the match ball before kick-off and as club captain I had my photo taken with her to help promote the evening.'
  4. 'The Strawberry Board of Directors say its been a hectic week getting everything set up for the kick-off of the festival.'


1. Football. a place kick or a drop kick from the 40-yard line of the team kicking at the beginning of the first and third periods or after the team kicking has scored a touchdown or field goal.

2. Soccer. a kick that puts a stationary ball into play from the center line of the field at the start of a quarter or after a goal has been scored.

3. the initial stage of something; start; beginning: the campaign kickoff.


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