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A coupling link with a safety closure, used by rock climbers.
  1. 'You should never use the karabiner brake for perpendicular or overhanging pitches.'
  2. 'With our remaining money we had gone to a hunting store and bought 2 knifes, utility belts, carabiners, and other things we felt would make it easier to carry our equipment and divided them out into 3 units.'
  3. 'He should have checked his carabiners a few more times before this expedition.'
  4. 'Then I clip the loops to carabiners, connecting the rope back to itself.'
  5. 'Sometimes he'd open his pack to show us his collection of carabiners, pitons, and ropes.'
  6. 'Hanging from an overhang by a bare knuckle with not so much as a carabiner, let alone a safety net to halt your fall, I hear you gasp.'
  7. 'Make sure you buy a good pear-shaped locking carabiner (either screw-gate or locking-gate type).'
  8. 'A belayer holds the end of the rope, hooked to his or her karabiner and through the belay device, to take up rope slack as the climber ascends the wall.'
  9. 'In Trad Climbing, climbers use their own gear for protection whereas in free climbing pre-drilled bolts are clipped with carabiners.'
  10. 'He extracted its contents: mostly climbing gear such as nylon ropes, carabiners, harness straps, pitons, etc.'
  11. 'For other purposes locking karabiners are mainly used for rigging, setting up belays or on major running belays such as spikes and trees.'
  12. 'The object of the invention consists in improving the safety of a karabiner whatever the surrounding environment.'
  13. 'A maillon is slightly more ‘fiddly’ than a karabiner to put on and take off because the screw sleeve tends to be stiffer to operate.'
  14. 'The only hitch was at the new redirect, where I managed to get myself tangled the first time I tried to reposition the carabiner below me.'
  15. 'Use our expansive on-line directory to source karabiners and other products and services from thousands of suppliers.'
  16. 'Very early this morning, she set our ascent rope with a hundred-foot shot over a high branch from her crossbow, and now she fixes her ascenders to the anchored line and snaps them to her harness with a locking carabiner.'
  17. 'You'll quickly discover that clipping, detaching, and belaying with a locking carabiner are all easier if you have webbing that's narrower, say three-quarter inch.'
  18. 'I watched him attach two carabiners to the anchors… ahhh more double protection… I liked how this was shaping up.'


1. a D -shaped ring with a spring catch on one side, used for fastening ropes in mountaineering.


"There can be karabiner designs."
"karabiners can be on harnesses."
"karabiners can be into slings."
"karabiners can be at ends."



1930s: shortened from German Karabiner-haken ‘spring hook’.

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