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(in German-speaking countries) the leader or conductor of an orchestra or choir.
  1. 'He was second Kapellmeister at the Tivoli Theatre in Bremen in 1914 before being drafted for military service in 1915.'
  2. 'Marked Allegro non troppo, the Concert Overture (for which Raff made a piano, 4 hands arrangement) lasts about 10 minutes and is a very superior and craftsmanlike piece of work - hardly typical of the run of the mill celebratory pieces churned out by dozens of kapellmeisters at the time.'
  3. 'His initial Bach recordings with his Pforzheim musicians emerged in the late 1950s and, like his fellow German kapellmeisters, set no agenda but he set out a very definite stall.'
  4. 'He held the prestigious position of kapellmeister to the emperors Maximilian II and Rudolf II in Vienna and Prague from 1568 until his death.'
  5. 'A descendant, Miklos Jozsef Esterhazy, became captain of the Empress Maria Theresa's bodyguard, although he is now best remembered for employing Joseph Haydn as kapellmeister and court composer for some thirty years.'
((n.) See Capellmeister.)

noun, plural Kapellmeister.

1. a choirmaster.

2. a conductor of an orchestra.

3. a bandmaster.


"kapellmeisters can cling for couples."



Mid 19th century: German, from Kapelle ‘court orchestra’ (from medieval Latin capella ‘chapel’) + Meister ‘master’.

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