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A Malaysian enclosure or village.
  1. 'In the kampong, she lives with an old woman who was her mother's neighbor.'
  2. 'From the river you will see kampongs, a golden-domed mosque, a Victorian fort, a whole street of 19th century Chinese shophouses, and an imposing wooden-roofed palace, all set against a background of distant mountains.'
  3. 'Situated off the road in a Balinese kampong, it blends perfectly in the traditional surroundings of Banjar Palak, Sukawati, where it is located.'
  4. 'Rasdullah, who tried but failed to qualify for the 2002 gubernatorial election, said more than 87,000 families in 40 kampongs across the city had been affected by the evictions.'
  5. '‘About 100 families in the kampong voluntarily prepare the meals,’ said Abdul Hamid, a resident of Kampung Luar Batang.'
  6. 'My own little corner in Pamulang used to be quite idyllic: fresh air, nice neighbors (also the kampong people) and hardly any traffic.'
  7. 'The original look of a kampong is all that the tourists want to see.'
  8. 'There is no fence to separate it from the nearby kampung, and no proper external lighting.'
  9. 'Through the kampong's black palms came the sound of galloping gamelan orchestras and bamboo sticks clacking away the evil spirits.'
  10. '‘There's a great need to build health awareness in the villages and kampungs, and slowly this is happening,’ said Faud.'


1. a small village or community of houses in Malay-speaking lands.


"kampongses can be on legions."



Malay; compare with compound.

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