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Situated in the interior of a country rather than on the coast.
  1. 'In Spain, we have lost thousands of pretty inland river coasts, which some years ago everyone could enjoy.'
  2. 'Double-crested Cormorants are common year round, both on the coast and on inland waters of western Washington.'
  3. 'They are also found in wet, plowed fields and grassy meadows near the coast and on inland marine waters.'
  4. 'He also experienced the trials of growing cool-season grasses using effluent water in a hot inland climate.'
  5. 'Fish was plentiful along the Atlantic coast, whereas inland areas produced lamb and poultry as well as honey.'
  6. 'Most water birds linger along the shallow shoreline of lakes, temporary waters in the inland ecosystems and rivers and very few venture far away from shore.'
  7. 'In addition, some power plants discharge warm water into inland channels, creating more temperate oases for manatees.'
  8. 'This creeper is found naturally in the summer rainfall areas from the coast to the inland mountains.'
  9. 'There is an abundance of game and semi-game fish in the rivers, inland water bodies and the seas off the State, the aficionados say.'
  10. 'He tackles the question of why settlements would only have been established on the coasts, with no inland traces of civilisation.'
  11. 'a network of waterways that allowed inland trade'
  12. 'Although the coastal and inland trades remained protected from foreign competition, the railroads soon captured most of their markets.'
  13. 'The York post indent was particularly important as York was the port for most of the inland trade.'
  14. 'In terms of the bill, legal interest will be recoverable for non-compliance with the fixed time limits for inland money transfers.'
  15. 'Foreign produce brought profits to distributors involved in inland trade.'
  16. 'Today the track is used mainly by large trucks who carry supplies for the small population of inland stations or cattle back to the south.'
  17. 'The development of the turnpikes would not have been possible without a great expansion of inland consumption, trade, and capital.'


In or towards the interior of a country.
  1. 'If played inland the dew factor would come into play - the tournament will have stretched into March - with day/night games ruled out.'
  2. 'Freight containers were scattered everywhere, bobbing in the water or carried inland.'
  3. 'In the late 1800s, Portuguese and Muslim traders moved further inland and established trade with tribes.'
  4. 'Seaplanes land, lumber is hauled in, oil is pumped onto ships, and trailer-trucks and trains carry off loaded containers headed inland.'
  5. 'For example, Day says, the canals that connect the city to the coast allow storm surges to travel inland, bringing salt water that damages the land.'
  6. 'It was then that the driver decided to drive inland and then took the tourists to the capital Colombo.'
  7. 'At Waddell Valley, within Big Basin, you can hike inland alongside Waddell Creek.'
  8. 'Silverdale lies further inland but within the same Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that encompasses Arnside.'
  9. 'So, I turned back inland just east of the advancing clouds.'
  10. 'Katrina pushed the Gulf of Mexico's waters far inland, producing destructive storm surges 25 feet high.'


The parts of a country remote from the sea or frontiers; the interior.
  1. 'However the return of dry conditions over the inland in the late spring (earlier in northern areas) allowed this abundant vegetation to dry out.'
  2. 'Hundreds of thousands of Australians have opted to move outside the cities to the regions in the inland and along the coast to find a better balance between work and life.'
  3. 'His journalistic background sang forth as he spoke of dreams fulfilled, the true spirit of Australia reaching out to the inland.'
  4. 'The preliminary damage reports show that we fared a little bit better in the inland of south Florida than we did with Hurricane Frances.'


1. pertaining to or situated in the interior part of a country or region: inland cities.

2. British. domestic or internal: inland revenue. adverb

3. in or toward the interior of a country. noun

4. the interior part of a country.


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"mainlands can join people/places/organizations to people/places/organizations."
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"people/places/organizations can claim responsibilities on mainlands."
"warships can make visits to mainlands."
"There can be mainland chinese."
"There can be mainland investments."
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"There can be mainland provinces."
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"There can be mainland counterparts."
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"There can be mainland cities."
"There can be mainland children."



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