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Inspire or permeate with (a feeling or quality)
  1. 'Her books are also imbued with an ethos of tolerance and acceptance.'
  2. 'James was imbued with many noble qualities which served him well and earned him enormous respect.'
  3. 'A lady of gentle disposition and kind manner, Nora was imbued with a caring and compassionate nature.'
  4. 'Always eager to reach out to others, especially the Jews, he was imbued with a deep agony over the suffering of others.'
  5. 'The rest of the squad are amateurs imbued with a professional attitude.'
  6. 'A gracious and pleasant lady, Delia was imbued with many fine and noble traits.'
  7. 'Debt relief, too, is imbued with moral hazard: the worse a government behaves, the more it is rewarded.'
  8. 'People of Annie's generation were imbued with a great sense of country and patriotism.'
  9. 'But his works are also imbued with social commentary, desperately wanting to make the world a better place.'
  10. 'He is imbued with a quiet confidence, but he appreciates how precious that particular commodity is.'
((n.) The act of imbuing; the state of being imbued; hence, a deep tincture.)

Late Middle English (in the sense ‘saturate’): from French imbu ‘moistened’, from Latin imbutus, past participle of imbuere ‘moisten’.

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