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A homosexual man.



      Pronunciation /ˈhɒməʊ//ˈhəʊməʊ/noun

      The genus of primates of which modern humans ("Homo sapiens" ) are the present-day representatives.
      1. 'I must admit I am surprised that the discoverers of the new species have placed it in our genus, Homo.'
      2. 'Thirty thousand years ago two species of the genus Homo lived in Europe.'
      3. 'But other anatomical features resembled those of a more recent archaic human called Homo erectus.'
      4. 'The first hominid mammals appeared about 5 million years ago, while the genus Homo is known to have existed for at least 2 million years.'
      5. 'While modern people weren't on the scene at that time, early humans called Homo erectus were living in the region.'
      6. 'They even hint at the possibility that no australopithecine species was ancestral to the genus Homo.'
      7. 'Thus the kingdom Animalia contained the class Vertebrata, which contained the order Primates, which contained the genus Homo with the species sapiens - humanity.'
      8. 'The move would make chimps full members of our genus Homo, along with Neandertals, and all other human-like fossil species.'
      9. 'By the time the genus Homo appears in the fossil record, between 1 and 2 million years ago, fruit had been marginalized, and largely replaced by meat and by foods such as roots and tubers.'
      10. 'In their study, Ackermann and Cheverud looked at patterns of facial variation both within and between members of the genus Homo and australopiths.'
      11. 'The genus Homo adapted flexibly to new environments and ate a variety of foods, heralding the rise of people.'
      12. 'a textbook example of Homo neuroticus'
      13. 'The oft-mentioned Jack Abramoff may be the prime examplar of that species of Washington operator - Homo bagmanus.'
      14. 'The book attempts ‘a kind of psychography of Homo ludens,’ the human at play.'

      noun, plural homos. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

      1. a contemptuous term used to refer to a homosexual, especially a male homosexual.


      "There can be homo erectuses."
      "There can be homo oeconomicuses."
      "There can be homo habilises."
      "There can be homo sequences."
      "There can be homo sedentariuses."
      "There can be homo fabers."
      "There can be homo antecessors."
      "There can be homo sides."
      "There can be homo rodenses."
      "There can be homo neuroticuses."
      "There can be homo neanderthalensises."
      "There can be homo monuments."
      "There can be homo ludenses."
      "There can be homo economicuses."
      "There can be homo conomicses."
      "There can be homo aethiopicuses."
      "people/places/organizations can have homos."
      "homos can undergo to conditions."
      "homos can die out in/at/on years."

      Latin, ‘man’.

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