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Not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictable.
  1. 'Other grandparents fear the regular and erratic comings and goings and demands of the unfit parents of their grandchildren.'
  2. 'Just take for instance, the erratic rain pattern that hit parts of the country in the last farming season.'
  3. 'As the herd gained momentum the bells on the lead cows rang out louder and the erratic clanging became a regular tolling.'
  4. 'I did not know then that he had an erratic sleep pattern.'
  5. 'Steady breezes create regular rollers, while erratic squalls thrust up chaotic surges.'
  6. 'I think I prefer to see him as one of those ageing mongrels one sees with creaky back legs, white whiskers and erratic bowel movements.'
  7. 'He still has this erratic speech pattern, the fluttering of the eyes, and he's the most appalling speechmaker.'
  8. 'Her blood pressure resumed its former erratic pattern.'
  9. 'Global warming is also implicated in increasingly erratic arctic weather patterns.'
  10. 'The Alice Springs district is dry for much of the year, and has an erratic rainfall pattern, with a slight summer maximum.'


A rock or boulder that differs from the surrounding rock and is believed to have been brought from a distance by glacial action.
  1. 'Huge glacial erratics, boulders unlike most of the other rocks in their surroundings, stand in mute testimony to their cross-country transport by advancing ice.'
  2. 'The rocks weighed about 40 kg and included two large pieces of unaltered vesicular basalt with many small attached organisms and numerous smaller rocks including a few glacial erratics.'
  3. 'In the absence of other sources of building stone, glacial erratics have been extensively used in Finland and northern Poland.'
((n.) One who deviates from common and accepted opinions; one who is eccentric or preserve in his intellectual character.|--|(n.) A rogue.|--|(n.) Any stone or material that has been borne away from its original site by natural agencies; esp., a large block or fragment of rock; a bowlder.|--|)


We had to lessen the impact of the erratic supplies.
Dan began an erratic sexual relationship with his youngest aunt, Linda.
After he was released from the psychiatric hospital, Dan continued to suffer severe mood swings and erratic behavior.
Share prices have been erratic this last month.
Police are searching for an erratic driver believed to be involved in a fatal hit and run.
Mary was troubled by Tom's erratic behavior.

Late Middle English: from Old French erratique, from Latin erraticus, from errare ‘to stray, err’.

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