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A wild or half-domesticated dog with a sandy-coloured coat, found in Australia.
  1. 'We chose dingoes because they are more vocal than foxes.'
  2. 'Australia has long battled its native wild dog the dingo, but now domestic hunting dogs have bred with dingoes to produce a larger, aggressive feral dog.'
  3. 'The only possible predators - the dingo and the Tasmanian wolf - were already being shot and kept in check by the sheep ranchers.'
  4. 'Aborigines used dingoes as hunting dogs, and valued them as companions.'
  5. 'She has always maintained that a dingo - a wild dog - took her baby.'
  6. 'But it was generally agreed that the dingoes were keeping the wild pigs away.'
  7. 'Because they prey on calves and sheep, dingoes and wild dogs are viewed as a threat to livestock.'
  8. 'The bureau defines ‘wild dogs’ as domestic dogs gone wild, dingoes, and their hybrids.'
  9. 'Meanwhile, the wild dingo living in the outback existed on a diet that ranged from kangaroos to small rodents.'
  10. 'Police marksmen with Aborigine trackers were hunting for two dingoes or wild dogs who attacked the boys on Fraser Island, scene of a spate of attacks in recent years.'
A cowardly or treacherous person.


    Behave in a cowardly manner.
    1. with object 'you have dingoed it on every occasion'
    2. 'It would look like we'd dingoed it if we transferred now.'
    3. 'It is inconceivable that they would have dingoed when faced with a by-election opportunity.'
    ((n.) A wild dog found in Australia, but supposed to have introduced at a very early period. It has a wolflike face, bushy tail, and a reddish brown color.)

    noun, plural dingoes.

    1. a wolflike, wild dog, Canis familiaris dingo, of Australia, having a reddish- or yellowish-brown coat.

    2. Australian. a cowardly or treacherous person.


    "There can be dingo cases."
    "dingos can take from tents."

    Late 18th century: from Dharuk din-gu ‘domesticated dingo’; dingo (sense 2 of the noun) dates from the mid 19th century and alludes to the treachery popularly associated with the dingo.

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