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A demonstration of a product or technique.
  1. '"I just did a remote product demo to a company in Holland," says Weaver.'
  2. 'I like to get out there and teach, do demos, enter cooking competitions, charity events, whatever.'
  3. 'This CD includes tools, presentations, and demos of the latest computer forensics software'
  4. 'We will have a 13-hour day with two cuisine practicals, with a long break and a demo in between.'
  5. 'This service makes it super simple to provide online training, do software demos, and even make complete sales presentations.'
  6. 'Don't worry if you don't know the rules for these solitaire games because the rules are all included, plus you can watch a demo game played by the computer.'
  7. 'Older kids can check out the MAAD Thyme event in Lismore's Skate Park, where there will be BMX and skateboard demos, DJs, aerosol art demos, a mega hip hop show and live music.'
  8. 'The Web site of a top firm in this category boasts a consistent and intuitive layout with tightly integrated content and functionality, useful demos and extensive online help.'
  9. 'Staff members gave a demo of the technology.'
  10. 'But many casual and hard-core gamers alike may be turned off by the bugs very quickly, so we suggest trying the demo first.'
  11. 'My advice to anyone who is interested in purchasing this game is to download the demo, and try it.'
  12. 'They are also offering a free 17MB demo of the game from their website.'
  13. 'It is helpful to use the free demo to see exactly how the workflow management software helps you to track document workflow and to see if it is what your business is looking for.'
  14. 'The internet is full of information on computer games and free downloads of 'shareware' games and demos for new games.'
  15. 'I have downloaded several demo/trial versions from the Internet but haven't been very impressed yet.'
  16. 'we recorded a three-song demo'
  17. 'We also get to hear the original demo recording of the title song.'
  18. 'I was similarly impressed with a demo she recorded to show what her version of the Paper Dolls would sound like.'
  19. 'The band apparently sent him a demo and he liked it so much he asked them out to Fort Apache in Cambridge, MA to record.'
  20. 'Seems he received these tracks as a demo way back last year and couldn't resist them.'
  21. 'Disc 2 features some early demos and a previously unreleased live run-through of virtually the entire album, recorded during the band's heyday in 1982.'
  22. 'Harris wanted a female singer to record demos of his songs.'
  23. 'This session allows you to bring a demo tape and have your song evaluated by a panel of music pros.'
  24. 'Within a year, they recorded a demo, released two singles and an album.'
  25. 'Mostly, we were recording piano-and-vocal demos, which became the core of the records.'
  26. 'A real mixed bag is what you'll find on this six-track demo, one thing is for certain you'll be hooked after a couple of plays.'
A public meeting or march protesting against something or expressing views on a political issue.
  1. 'A bunch of us are going to the London peace demo on Sunday.'
  2. 'The socialite and sometime model appeared before a judge at Bow Street magistrates court for obstructing the highway during last week's pro-hunting demos in London.'
  3. 'But because of the foot and mouth crisis, the Whitby-based peace campaigners organising the demo switched venues to Whitby town centre bandstand.'
  4. 'An employee/friend of my mother's is very pro-Countryside Alliance and has been attending most of the organised demos around the country.'
  5. 'There will also be demos at many other Spanish cities.'
  6. 'Rain failed to deter protesters turning out for an anti-war march in Colchester, which organisers hailed as one of the biggest demos in the town in recent years.'
  7. 'Massive pro-war demos get ignored by the professional media in favour of handfuls of ‘antiwar’ types, but blogs tell the other side of the story.'
  8. 'He added: ‘We are still hopeful that war can be avoided, and I am sure the previous big demos have had an impact.’'


Record (a song or piece of music) to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer or as preparation for a full recording.
  1. 'After we finish this tour, we are going to demo some tracks for that next album.'
  2. 'Most of Abbey Road's songs were demoed that January, while Let It Be was cobbled together by Phil Spector from the raw material on the tapes.'
  3. 'The process we go through is to start demoing songs in our rehearsal space, and then kind of cut them down - we look back and realize which parts definitely don't make the cut.'
  4. 'We're just starting to demo the new album.'
  5. 'The final track listing features songs which, having previously been demoed, were each recorded in the span of a single day.'
  6. 'We'll demo a bunch of songs and then pick which ones will stay and which won't.'
Demonstrate the capabilities of (software or another product)
  1. 'When you demo a game over and over again, you start to get a strong sense for what the best parts of your game are, what's really exciting people, and what's not working yet.'
  2. 'When I saw the unit demoed in NYC a few months ago I was very impressed.'
  3. 'After spending three to four days talking about and demoing your game, not to mention two weeks of crunch time in preparation for the show, you're ready for a nice vacation.'
  4. 'Comodo demoed the technology at Microsoft's recent WinHEC development conference.'
  5. 'This enables sales reps to demo products in cafes or busy execs to catch up with email during lulls in conference room meetings, for example.'
  6. 'Wright demoed the tool at last August's DefCon but held off its release until Cisco was able to make a fix available.'
  7. 'Toshiba Research Europe demoed a prototype system that applied quantum cryptography to the transmission of streaming video.'
  8. 'The company has also demoed a 25-tooth cantilever, arranged as a five-by-five array.'
  9. 'Almost every memory maker at the show demoed some solutions for notebooks.'
  10. 'if you want to demo the app first, a free download is also available for you to test out'
  11. 'If you get the chance to demo an Amp Cell don't miss out on it!'
  12. 'Photographers can demo the latest camera's and photography gadgets.'
  13. 'Games can be demoed free and purchased or rented a la carte, or players can subscribe to the OnLive PlayPack for unlimited play of more than 200 games, with more titles added monthly.'
  14. 'Each CD-ROM allows the user to demo the software a maximum of ten times.'
  15. 'We had a chance to demo some of the new 3DS games on offer at last week's event.'


  1. 'The skew to an equal number of boys and girls, and to an older demo, allowing for a trickle-down to younger ones, has also propelled the phenom.'
  2. 'While their films consistently aim at the 12 year-old boy demo, this takes it to a lower level entirely.'
  3. 'Because a youthful image is appealing, people tweak generational lines, hoping to shift themselves into younger demos.'
  4. 'It sported a tag that was an instant turnoff to the core teen demo (that's mom's brand).'

noun, plural demos.

1. demonstration (defs 4, 6).

2. demonstrator (def 5).

3. a recording of a new song or of one performed by an unknown singer or singing group, distributed to disc jockeys, recording companies, etc., to demonstrate the merits of the song or performer.

4. demolition (def 1): He does flooring and demo for a living. verb (used with object), demoed, demoing.

5. to try out or exhibit the use of (a product, process, or the like): You can demo the game without downloading or buying it.

6. to record (a song) to demonstrate the merits of the song or performer.


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"demos can allow before optings."

Early 20th century: abbreviation of demonstration and demonstrate.

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