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A small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired.
  1. 'she shot the animal with a tranquillizing dart'
  2. 'He says the dart pierces the skin like a ‘bee sting’ and anybody shot will be brought to hospital.'
  3. 'Trigger had already fired a small dart into the back of his neck.'
  4. 'An unsteady hand raised to the offending body part, shaking fingers drawing up to pull the dart out of her flesh and the hood it had pierced through to reach her neck.'
  5. 'One drew a small blowgun and fired small, poisoned darts at them.'
  6. 'He landed two darts the first in the creature's throat the second in its stomach.'
  7. 'Research is also being carried out in England into the possible use of tasers, which fire darts connected to a wire that carries an electrical current powerful enough to incapacitate the target.'
  8. 'The lion was shot with tranquilizer darts and dragged away to the zoo.'
  9. 'An angry red mark on his stomach displayed the area where the dart had pierced his armor and a purple bruise showcased where the plasma bolt had ricocheted.'
  10. 'He told the Kiwi that a javelin was meant to be thrown like a dart, with the thrower required to ‘palm it up’ during the final thrust.'
  11. 'In attacks between last Sunday, and Wednesday the tyres, on vehicles parked around Bedford, were pierced with a dart or syringe, without any apparent motive.'
  12. 'Mario for example went 180 180 60 and just landed his 8th dart beside the wire in the treble 7 on his attempt.'
  13. 'A simple example of numerical integration is estimating the area of a geometric figure by randomly throwing darts at it and counting the hits and misses.'
  14. 'Indeed, had he reversed the shafts and thrown flight first, the dart would still have buried itself to a depth of three inches: the dartboard never stood a chance.'
  15. 'She reached back, pulled the dart out and threw it at the target, where it stuck tip buried completely in the bullseye.'
  16. 'The Dringhouses Sports Club ace confidently fired 18 then 16 darts to claim the League's top prize.'
  17. 'When the final dart was thrown this season in the Friday Night Mickey Mouse Darts League, Mick's Place had won the league championship title.'
  18. 'But it turns out that snails don't incorporate the calcium in the dart into their bodies.'
  19. 'We found that snails that shot darts effectively had a reproductive advantage over snails that shot poorly.'
An act of running somewhere suddenly and rapidly.
  1. 'Nothing much looked on when centre Aaron Moule made a dart for the right-hand corner but somehow he reached out to plant the ball.'
  2. 'Brian Flanagan made a dart for the pavilion end from a ruck, and found the sharp Bernard Behan on his right and the out-half left the cover standing.'
  3. 'a dart of panic'
  4. 'Nothing is obvious - not even the barbed darts of jealousy and politics that surround and inhabit the ashram school, run by the indomitable Miss.'
  5. 'We could say, in a Platonic sense, that the dart of nostalgia hits man, wounds him, and precisely in this way puts wings on him, lifts him upwards.'
A tapered tuck stitched in a garment in order to shape it.
  1. 'Trousers are emphasised with tailored darts and pleats.'
  2. 'Press the dart toward the shoulder after stitching it.'
  3. 'Make sure the patterns match with the pleats and darts closed.'
  4. 'Check the fit of darts and seams midway through the garment construction and make needed adjustments so the fabric grainlines properly align.'
  5. 'Once you understand the role of darts in shaping a garment, you will be glad to have them in all your clothing.'
  6. 'If more waistline room is needed, release darts and/or tucks.'
  7. 'Beginning at the dart point, stitch to the dart cut end; backstitch and clip the threads.'
  8. 'This year, with the anti-fashion look, the stress is on uneven hems and necklines, upside down darts and trimmings that are left uncompleted.'


Move or run somewhere suddenly or rapidly.
  1. 'Small animals darted away from the sharp eyes of the ever-hungry raven.'
  2. 'She jumps off her bed and darts out of her room and down some stairs, and rips the door open.'
  3. 'The creature darts suddenly, swinging across the precipitous pit from limb to limb.'
  4. 'Suddenly, the creature darts out but bowls straight into him, knocking them both over.'
  5. 'Charles looked around once more, and this time, as he was turning his head back, and saw an extremely fast shape dart between some trees about twenty feet away.'
  6. 'Below, crabs sidestepped on the rocks and all kinds of fish darted by, making the snorkelling superb.'
  7. 'As we walk to the edge of a stream, a stickleback freezes, then darts away in a series of rapid zig-zags punctuated by brief pauses.'
  8. 'Suddenly, Berry darted away from us, swimming fast towards the ocean floor as we watched, intrigued.'
  9. 'Black dashes dart across the screen, like grains of wild rice shaken on a sheet of paper.'
  10. 'They perch on low shrubs or rocks, and dart out to grab prey from the air, the foliage, or the ground.'
  11. 'she darted a glance across the table'
  12. 'She chewed on her lip, darting her eyes around the room.'
  13. 'As the three of us trekked over to the luggage area, I constantly darted my eyes around and looked at all the people.'
  14. 'Furthermore, don't drink gin on an empty stomach whilst darting your eyes about the room like you've got some sort of nervous twitch.'
  15. 'I glanced up in time to see Madi looking at me, but she darted her eyes away quickly.'
  16. 'Clark darts a wary look at the detective, perhaps noticing the sarcasm, and Mike privately reminds himself to hold back a little.'
  17. 'I looked to Colleen then darted my eyes to her left, where Lori would have generally stood.'
  18. 'We sat looking at each other for a moment, before Andy darted his eyes away and stood up.'
  19. 'When she turned to him, he darted his eyes upward and glanced at the bathroom.'
  20. 'He gave her a meaningful look, then darted his eyes to the back of Lewis's head and back to Lidia's patently beautiful face.'
  21. 'As soon as the door closed behind her, she darted her eyes in every direction.'
Shoot (an animal) with a dart, typically in order to administer a drug.
  1. 'We often dart the lions so we can take blood samples or tissue samples, and this definitely the most exciting experience.'
  2. 'Initially 41 female elephants were darted, radio collared and injected with the contraceptive vaccine.'
  3. 'If you dart a giraffe and he falls over, the sort of force that would come from being 6 or 7 metres high and your head hitting the ground would crack the skull open.'
  4. 'It's crucial that elephants allow these researchers to get up close so the animals can be darted and fitted with radio collars.'
  5. 'The lions were darted and tranquillised on Tuesday at the Shamwari reserve and transported to Inkwenkwezi yesterday.'
  6. 'He darted a spear at his enemy.'
((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Dart)


1. a small, slender missile that is pointed at one end and usually feathered at the other and is propelled by hand, as in the game of darts, or by a blowgun when used as a weapon.

2. something similar in function to such a missile, as the stinging member of an insect.

3. darts, (used with a singular verb) a game in which darts are thrown at a target usually marked with concentric circles divided into segments and with a bull's-eye in the center.

4. an act of darting; a sudden swift movement.

5. a tapered seam of fabric for adjusting the fit of a garment. verb (used without object)

6. to move swiftly; spring or start suddenly and run swiftly: A mouse darted out of the closet and ran across the room. verb (used with object)

7. to thrust or move suddenly or rapidly: He darted his eyes around the room.


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"dartings can run across makings."



Middle English: from Old French, accusative of darz, dars, from a West Germanic word meaning ‘spear, lance’.

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