Noun Daggerboard Definition and Examples







A kind of centreboard which slides vertically through the keel of a sailing boat.
  1. 'We merely centred our weight over the daggerboards and shoved the tiller round to turn.'
  2. 'If the rudder and daggerboard are made of plywood and glassed they will need to be primed and painted.'

noun, Nautical.

1. a removable board on a small sailboat, typically of small dimension fore and aft, lowered into the water through a trunk to serve as a keel.


"There can be daggerboard slots."
"There can be daggerboard rights."
"There can be daggerboard outs."
"There can be daggerboard cases."
"daggerboards can be from movings."
"daggerboards can turn up towards winds."
"daggerboards can retract into hulls."

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