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(in India or Burma (Myanmar)) a member of a band of armed robbers.
  1. 'This valley was recently the territory of a famous dacoit, or highway robber, named Mohammad Khan.'
  2. 'The Pakistani Army is arriving to wipe out the dacoits, and the clock is running out for everyone involved.'
  3. 'Valmiki was a killer dacoit who reformed, became a Sage and wrote the Sanskrit Ramayana, one of the great sacred scriptures of the world.'
  4. 'People residing in newly developed localities are easy target for dacoits.'
  5. 'At the last count, dacoits have targeted as many as seven passenger trains passing through Bihar, the latest incident being on June 8 in Siwan district.'
  6. 'In 1959, an Inspector-General of Police killed the dangerous dacoit, Gabbar Singh, in an encounter in the Chambal ravines of Madhya Pradesh.'
  7. 'Back in 1790, a caravan of Persian carpet weavers, on their way to the Mughal court, was waylaid and injured by dacoits on the Great Deccan Road.'
  8. 'From the start, the campaign to track down the notorious dacoit appears to have been brutal and inept.'
  9. 'The judge said it was negligence on the part of the Karnataka state government not to take steps to arrest the forest dacoit and his colleagues.'
  10. 'In most successful democracies voters are discerning enough to not vote for crooks, dacoits and murderers.'
((n.) One of a class of robbers, in India, who act in gangs.)

From Hindi ḍakait, from ḍakaitī ‘robbery by a gang’.

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