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((n.) The premium or interest paid by the buyer to the seller, to be allowed to defer paying for the stock purchased until the next fortnightly settlement day.|--|(n.) The postponement of payment by the buyer of stock on the payment of a premium to the seller. See Backwardation.|--|)

noun, plural contangos, contangoes.

1. (on the London stock exchange) a fee paid by a buyer of securities to the seller for the privilege of deferring payment.


"There can be contango rates."
"There can be contango patterns."
"contangos can be to dates."
"contangos can be into dates."
"contangos can be in markets."
"contangos can be on dates."
"contangos can be in spreads."
"contangos can be for times."
"contangos can be with dates."
"contangos can be on people/places/organizations."
"cents can have contangos."
"contangos can be on swaps."
"contangos can be between dates."
"contangos can be with swaps."
"contangos can be until dates."
"contangos can be on markets."
"contangos can be in weeks."
"contangos can be in prices."
"contangos can be in places."
"contangos can be between futures."
"contangos can support projections for prices."
"contangos can show backwardations in/at/on tonnes."
"contangos can relieve overhangs of barrels."
"contangos can narrow tos in/at/on dates."
"contangos can market sentiments in/at/on dates."
"contangos can keep demands in weeks."
"contangos can keep demands in twos."
"contangos can justify metals for periods."
"contangos can have buyings for storages."
"contangos can gas futures to dates."
"contangos can gas futures at averages."
"contangos can encourage things into storages."
"contangos can edge out zincs on people/places/organizations."
"contangos can do sames on dates."
"contangos can do sames in places."
"contangos can discount cashs over forwards."
"contangos can be cents in/at/on weeks."
"contangos can fall in/at/on dates."
"contangos can remain in places."
"contangos can pay for months."

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