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  1. 'I did know what happened but if I told them they would all think I was even weirder then they already do, well my bro and his friends at least.'
  2. 'I'm hoping that it's a blip for the Coen bros, you know one of those exceptions to the rule of them making really good films.'
  3. 'Had a really fun night with the rentals, my bro, Andy and Kev and Kim, with muchos wine. Dad burnt his tongue on a flaming sambuca and I drank an amaretto.'
  4. 'So it must make ordinary film-makers sick to see how seemingly effortlessly the Coen bros can revamp a genre to make a basic love story about a couple, who seem destined to be enemies, but realise they are made for each other.'
  5. 'I then went upstairs to wake up my bros and we ate breakfast together.'
  6. 'Well, my bro called another friend for help first, but the guy said ‘he didn't have the money’.'
  7. '‘I found out a way to eliminate the curse of the Rescella, bro,’ Ross said, turning to his brother.'
  8. 'Cris's brother Curt, the band's leader, wasn't invited to the wedding, and soon Michelle was being portrayed as the wedge between the bros.'
  9. 'Bro. Felix'
A male friend (often used as a form of address)
  1. 'not cool, bro'
  2. 'Well done bros!'
  3. 'Be the individual that he wants to spend the weekend with, instead of his bros.'
  4. 'Soon all three men are seeing someone special, while trying to keep it from their bros.'
  5. 'Well said, bro.'
  6. 'Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy become better bros when they head out to Long Island to get their driver's licenses.'
  7. 'Beers and bros on the beach isn't my idea of a good time.'
  8. 'Never underestimate the ingenuity of a bro who needs to open a beer.'
  9. 'The tender scene at the marathon finish line has been taken over by bros with beers.'
  10. 'They reliably counted among their ranks one or two hot guys on varsity soccer, a few of the more talented band kids, a handful of lacrosse bros, and a posse of beautiful, perfect-skinned girls who all took ballet classes together.'
  11. 'During a CNN live report from Atlantic City, a reporter was videobombed by some shirtless dancing bros in the background.'

noun, plural bros.

1. a brother.

2. a male friend or buddy.

3. a guy or fellow: used as a term of address.

4. a fellow black male; soul brother.

5. a young, usually white male variously and often negatively characterized as being preppy, party-loving, egotistical, sexist, etc. adjective

6. of or relating to bros: the bro culture of college athletics.


"bros can put people in/at/on people/places/organizations."
"bros can put people in/at/on amps."
"bros can put on to people/places/organizations."
"bros can put in/at/on people/places/organizations."
"bros can put in/at/on amps."
"bros can be in troubles."

Mid 17th century: written or colloquial abbreviation of brother. Compare with Bros.

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