Noun Brim Definition and Examples



((n.) The rim, border, or upper edge of a cup, dish, or any hollow vessel used for holding anything.|--|(n.) The edge or margin, as of a fountain, or of the water contained in it; the brink; border.|--|(n.) The rim of a hat.|--|)


1. the upper edge of anything hollow; rim; brink: the brim of a cup.

2. a projecting edge: the brim of a hat.

3. margin. verb (used without object), brimmed, brimming.

4. to be full to the brim. verb (used with object), brimmed, brimming.

5. to fill to the brim.


"There can be brim bits."
"hats can have brims."
"caps can have brims."
"pelvises can have brims."
"brims can be with wines."
"brims can be with waters."
"brims can be with violets."
"brims can be with stichworts."
"brims can be with speedwells."
"brims can be with souvenirs."
"brims can be with sorrows."
"brims can be with prints."
"brims can be with primroses."
"brims can be with places."
"brims can be with photographs."
"brims can be with people."
"brims can be with orchids."
"brims can be with mixes."
"brims can be with loves."
"brims can be with issues."

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