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The keen promotion of a person, organization, or cause.
  1. 'Then there are more titles of books, more facts, more things that come to mind (which apparently is a lot) - all in the interests of historical boosterism.'
  2. 'What journalists mean by ‘objectivity’ is: relentlessly attacking your own country while engaging in mindless boosterism of the enemy.'
  3. 'Meanwhile, the fleet footed and well connected have profited from surging exports, a bubbly urban real estate market and, occasionally, government boosterism.'
  4. 'That's carrying local boosterism a bit far, eh?'
  5. 'Younger editors, however, were also more likely to support boosterism, a practice that has tarnished the image of sports departments.'
  6. 'Contrary to the triumphal boosterism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Brechin offers imagery of despair with the city as maelstrom.'
  7. 'I benefited from that, and I understand that there's a place for some hometown boosterism, but at the same time it's patronizing.'
  8. 'First of all, I apologize for any kind of home town boosterism.'
  9. 'Science is not immune from error, folly, or self-serving boosterism.'
  10. 'Local leaders continued their efforts at boosterism as the turn of the century approached.'


1. the action or policy of enthusiastically promoting something, as a city, product, or way of life: boosterism about the latest world's fair.


His boosterism makes it sound wonderful but I wonder if he understands how hard it's going to be to actually carry out.

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