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A Spanish dance in simple triple time.
  1. 'Together with Ignacio Berroa on drums and Federico Britos on violin, they round out a lineup perfectly suited to the subtle bolero.'
  2. 'Through Spanish classic court dancing, developing such dances as the bolero, cachucha, and the later gypsy flamenco tradition, there existed a vast culture of what can be called theatrical-style dance.'
  3. 'I wore two costumes In Grand Hotel, but my favorite was the black one that we did the bolero in.'
  4. 'As Haden rages against the machine, I see how the boleros of Nocturne are an answer to the saccharine junk we are sold everyday.'
  5. 'From rumba to bolero, Felip will explore the energetic and sensual roots of Latin songs and rhythms.'
  6. 'The album mixes up the rhythms, adding a couple of Cuban-flavoured boleros and even some Dominican bachata.'
  7. 'We head toward the thrum and trumpet call of a loud bolero and enter the bar just as the six-man combo breaks into a loud rendition of ‘Chan Chan,’ the song made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club album.'
  8. 'The original, Marshall says, was a bolero.'
  9. 'On the bill is Maria Caridad Valdès, a 2001 Latin Grammy nominee who blends bolero, Cuban folk and jazz in an inimitable way.'
  10. 'He was very famous in the '50s and '60s - doing cha-cha-chas and boleros orchestrally.'
  11. 'Her music is a reflection of her multicultural childhood in Mexico and her studies in anthropology in Minnesota, with its combination of Mexican folklore, boleros, borderland rancheras, opera, and American jazz and blues.'
  12. 'To what are we listening in a bolero, the music or the words?'
A woman's short open jacket.
  1. 'However, mothers and grannies of the bride need not be alarmed, as wraps, boleros and capes are very much in vogue for the service at least.'
  2. 'A waist-length, brightly colored, handwoven woolen poncho is worn over the bolero, or sometimes thrown over the shoulder.'
  3. 'The corseted dress was teamed with a bolero jacket and large hat.'
  4. 'They wore big felt hats, their brims curled upwards, embroidered bolero jackets and cream colored chamois breeches.'
  5. 'Shrugs, scarves and petite boleros make a strong fashion statement.'
  6. 'You can see the bolero jacket matched with bell-bottom pants or a sensuous tuxedo with lace trousers.'
  7. 'I've teamed it with the black bolero today to smarten it up.'
  8. 'Monday morning, however, Johnny found a new bolero jacket with bright red, green and yellow embroidery on the chair in his room.'
  9. 'I want my beautiful bolero with the porcupine quills.'
  10. 'This consists of black pants, a colorful sash, white shirt, and a black bolero jacket.'
((n.) A Spanish dance, or the lively music which accompanies it.)

noun, plural boleros.

1. a lively Spanish dance in triple meter.

2. the music for this dance.

3. a jacket ending above or at the waistline, with or without collar, lapel, and sleeves, worn open in front.


"There can be bolero tops."
"There can be bolero musics."
"There can be bolero cardigans."
"boleros can be with sheaths."
"silks can have boleros."
"boleros can be for examples."

Late 18th century: from Spanish.

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