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Relating to or characteristic of the Swiss capital or canton of Berne or its inhabitants.
  1. 'Enjoy panoramic views of the Bernese snowy peaks from the bar, best experienced at sunset.'
  2. 'The Bernese Oberland region of Bern is an evergreen tourist destination.'
  3. 'It would not be until 1901 when Einstein gained employment at a Bernese patent office did he begin extensive research into theoretical physics.'


The people of the Swiss capital or canton of Berne.
  1. 'Originally built in the 12th century, it subsequently served as a prison and palace under the Bernese in the 15th century.'
  2. 'There remained the Bernese, who had occupied some of the duke's territories in Savoy and Vaud, and in Geneva, over which he claimed certain rights.'
  1. 'I must have left the gate wide open, allowing our big, dirty Bernese to wander up and soil the carpets.'
  2. 'The Bernese is loyal and affectionate with both people and other animals.'
((n. sing. & pl.) A native or natives of Bern.)

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