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A flat strip of land, raised bank, or terrace bordering a river or canal.
  1. 'With the creek barrier now open and a solid berm built across the avulsion channel, the heavy rains return.'
  2. 'Pools that hold water (except during drought conditions) occur in the Park at two locations just behind the Potomac River berm.'
  3. 'But their survival is threatened by loss of habitat - especially the sandy berms where they nest - and by humans.'
  4. 'The vegetated area may be either a long, grassed, gently sloping channel or a broad, flat area with a slight slope away from the inlet surrounded by a berm or dike.'
  5. 'He says that berms are highly effective, yet unobtrusive.'
  6. 'Though progress is being made both on the berms separating New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain and the pumps that eventually will de-water - a government term - a drowned city.'
  7. 'It soon was apparent that what showed as paths on the map were actually berms running beside irrigation canals.'
  8. 'I sped along the road, which headed across the retreating reservoir, and, as I started to fishtail, realized that this road was actually a berm.'
  9. 'Fountains and berms can keep cars and trucks away from the building.'
  10. 'Driving a potential customer along the road he would suddenly swerve onto the berm, bumping along the road edge to prove what a smooth ride the car gave.'
  11. 'Park cars on the berm before the cliff is reached because the road becomes narrow and treacherous.'
  12. 'The driver ignores the police command and, like his cohorts, walks defiantly up the berm, disappearing from view.'
  13. 'At the highway, Lucius picked up a rhythm of hoofs and fell to his knees behind a shallow berm, thinly screened from the road by a stand of brush.'
  14. 'The ball disappeared behind a grass berm that protects the front of the green.'
  15. 'The section of track in question is on a raised berm about 10 feet above ground level.'
  16. 'Hedgerows were built-up berms of earth covered with trees and bushes that lined the fields of French farmers.'
  17. 'berms of shovelled earth'
  18. 'Also, look for berms and structures 20 to 30 meters away from your location that can provide cover and concealment from which to command detonate devices.'
  19. 'There was a huge sand berm around the entire airbase.'
  20. 'After dark on March 20, V Corps troops cross the berm separating the two countries and begin the drive to capture the capital.'
  21. 'The trip north passed bombed antiaircraft guns, empty foxholes and berms dug for tanks that had been abandoned by armed forces.'
  22. 'Another senior sergeant added, ‘We just needed to get across the berm sooner than we did.’'
  23. 'The pad is a little larger than a football field, protected by a 20-foot-high earth berm, a double chain-link fence, and a lone security guard carrying a machine gun.'
  24. 'The Army Corps of Engineers helped by building berms, knocking down trees and triple stranding the site.'
  25. 'With the initial breach of the enemy defense now gained for his unit, he sprang from the vehicle and began assaulting the berm and ambush line with two Marines.'
  26. 'Those involved in the ambush said a trap had been laid, and that the area was marked with defensive earth berms and firing positions.'
  27. 'The height of the parapet wall is usually kept as above the berm level.'
  28. 'The researchers systematically investigated various overhanging and chamfered parapets at a vertical wall over a horizontal sea bottom with a small berm and three different water levels.'
((n.) Alt. of Berme)


1. Also, berme. Fortification. a horizontal surface between the exterior slope of a rampart and the moat.

2. Also called bench. any level strip of ground at the summit or sides, or along the base, of a slope.

3. Also called backshore, beach berm. a nearly flat back portion of a beach, formed of material deposited by the action of the waves.

4. Chiefly Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, andWest Virginia. the bank of a canal or the shoulder of a road.

5. Chiefly Alaska. a mound of snow or dirt, as formed when clearing land.

6. a bank of earth placed against an exterior wall or walls of a house or other building as protection against extremes of temperature. verb (used with object)

7. to cover or protect with a berm: The side walls were bermed to a height of three feet.

Early 18th century (denoting a narrow space): from French berme, from Dutch berm.

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