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A party.
  1. 'Within reason, let them have a beano - soda-pop, lime juice, or even milk shakes are quite safe in moderation.'
  2. '‘You'd get beanos with coachloads of men and women, drunk as lords by the time they got here, going wild,’ says Philip.'
  3. 'From where I'm sitting they look revolting, as too do all those dreadful people you've invited along to your frozen food beano.'
  4. 'Those marketing types still know how to organise a beano.'
  5. 'Send a Reg staffer to any corporate lunch, beano or junket (as long as you foot the bill).'
  6. 'The Guild of Scriveners organises the beano, which involves teams dressed up in medieval garb sampling the beer in city centre pubs.'


1. bingo.

Late 19th century: abbreviation of beanfeast.

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