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The chemical element of atomic number 56, a soft white reactive metal of the alkaline earth group.
  1. 'Cartridges found at the Post Office contained residues of aluminium, lead, barium and antimony or three or two of these elements.'
  2. 'But barium has an atomic number of 56, barely more than half that of uranium.'
  3. 'They attempted to gauge sediment deposits over that period by measuring core-layer fluctuations in the ratio of barium to calcium.'
  4. 'He suggested the name barium for the element based on the scientific name for the Bologna stone, barite.'
  5. 'Crawford was interested in the study of minerals and other chemicals and spent some time analyzing the mineral known as baryte, a primary source of the element barium.'
  6. 'Cesium - 137, which decays to nonradioactive barium, is found in spent fuel elements from nuclear reactors.'
  7. 'The lanthanides make up the elements between barium and hafnium in Row 6 of the periodic table.'
  8. 'This is the case for the superconducting material studied here, known as YBCO for its constituent elements: yttrium, barium, copper, and oxygen.'
  9. 'The resulting elements (such as, strontium, zirconium, barium, lanthanum, and lead) then decay into still heavier elements.'
  10. 'Bains analysed the concentration of the element barium - a powerful tool for measuring ocean productivity - in sediments deposited across the boundary.'
  11. 'A brief, limited barium swallow examination can confirm if the pouch is small or enlarged.'
  12. 'Endoscopy and barium meal are the principal investigations.'
  13. 'The index patient also infected the husband of another patient, who was waiting for his wife to undergo barium meal examination in the diagnostic radiology department, who subsequently infected his wife.'
  14. 'A white liquid called barium is then passed through the rectum in the same way as the washout while the specialist views the bowel on an x-ray screen.'
  15. 'Behind them was a screen showing mostly medical videos of operations, barium meals, gastroscopies, angiograms, arthroscopy, etc.'
  16. 'A barium swallow examination disclosed a small filling defect in the lower third of the esophagus.'
  17. 'A barium examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract showed the stricture as a filling defect.'
  18. 'Gastric ulcers without any malignant characteristics seen on barium swallow have a specificity of more than 95 percent in ruling out gastric cancer.'
  19. 'Patients waiting for non-urgent radiology examinations, such as CT scans, barium meals and enemas are now being assessed up to ten times quicker than two years ago.'
  20. 'The barium shows up white on the x ray, allowing a clear view of the colon and will show how much of the colon is affected.'
((n.) One of the elements, belonging to the alkaline earth group; a metal having a silver-white color, and melting at a very high temperature. It is difficult to obtain the pure metal, from the facility with which it becomes oxidized in the air. Atomic weight, 137. Symbol, Ba. Its oxide called baryta.)

noun, Chemistry.

1. a whitish, malleable, active, divalent, metallic element, occurring in combination chiefly as barite or as witherite. Symbol:Ba; atomic weight:13

7.34; atomic number:56; specific gravity:

3.5 at 20°C.


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Early 19th century: from baryta + -ium.

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