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A large-headed, brightly coloured fruit-eating bird that has a stout bill with tufts of bristles at the base. Barbets are found on all continents, especially in the tropics.
  1. 'Look at the coppersmith, or the crimson breasted barbet.'
  2. 'Flying in the lower level of trees are the colorful Muller's barbet, and the Formosan bulbul, both of which are endemic to Taiwan.'
((n.) A variety of small dog, having long curly hair.|--|(n.) A bird of the family Bucconidae, allied to the Cuckoos, having a large, conical beak swollen at the base, and bearded with five bunches of stiff bristles; the puff bird. It inhabits tropical America and Africa.|--|(n.) A larva that feeds on aphides.|--|)


1. any of several stocky, tropical birds of the family Capitonidae, having a stout bill with bristles at the base.


"barbets can be in restings."

Late 16th century (denoting a poodle): from French, from barbe ‘beard’ (see barb). The current sense dates from the early 19th century.

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