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A giant woody grass which is grown chiefly in the tropics.
  1. 'Rain drove us indoors to the warmth of a huge German wood-burning stove in a room with floor to ceiling windows, overlooking a large cobbled atrium with grasses and bamboos in containers.'
  2. 'Several noninvasive, clumping bamboos do well.'
  3. 'These included a number of exotic plants - rhododendrons, bamboos, and tree ferns being particularly well represented.'
  4. 'The undulating streams, swaying bamboos, sylvan surroundings and trekking tracts make Ganeshgudi and Dandeli unique holiday destinations.'
  5. 'Grasses and bamboos, on the other hand, hate disturbance at this time of year, preferring to be worked on in the spring or early summer.'
  6. 'All are supplied from his exotic collection of hundreds of different bamboos plus palms, tree ferns, grasses, unusual evergreens and rare conifers.'
  7. 'The towering banana trees, giant bamboos and coconut palms were surrounded by endless varieties of smaller plants and flowers.'
  8. 'The more desirable garden bamboos are, naturally, those that grow slowly at the root and have rapid vertical growth.'
  9. 'Some bamboos will grow well in Wales as they are frost-hardy and evergreen.'
  10. 'Grasses, sedges and bamboos are grown mostly for their foliage and anything that enhances that effect is worth having.'
  11. as modifier 'a bamboo bench'
  12. 'The neighboring village of Bona is also known as a major producer of bamboo furniture and basketry.'
  13. 'The arrival of synthetic products may have pushed bamboo and cane out of the front rows in the market.'
  14. 'Shadow puppets are manipulated with bamboo sticks attached to the lower part of leather puppets.'
  15. 'The thatched roofs are made out of palm fronds, and the walls out of bamboo or cane.'
  16. 'We also organise festivals to popularise bamboo furniture and local art forms.'
  17. 'They have no money and spend every day carrying rice up the mountain on bamboo sticks.'
  18. 'Sometimes, the placing and spacing requires a bit of thought, so I poke in small bamboo canes where I want plants to go.'
  19. 'The strong smoky flavour comes from laying the tea leaves on bamboo trays above burning pinewood.'
  20. 'They fed me on boiled pumpkin, wild rice, little mud fish and river prawns cooked in hollow bamboo tubes.'
  21. 'The craftsmen process the bamboo by cleansing and soaking the bamboo stems in water for a couple of days.'
((n.) A plant of the family of grasses, and genus Bambusa, growing in tropical countries.)

noun, plural bamboos.

1. any of the woody or treelike tropical and semitropical grasses of the genera Bambusa, Phyllostachys, Dendrocalamus, and allied genera, having woody, usually hollow stems with stalked blades and flowering only after years of growth.

2. the stem of such a plant, used as a building material and for making furniture, poles, etc.


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Late 16th century: from Dutch bamboes, based on Malay mambu.

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