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A person who conducts an audit.
  1. 'external auditors report on the financial statements'
  2. 'For example, auditors study internal audit reports and results to determine areas for audit emphasis as well as potential cost savings.'
  3. 'The independence rules require that auditors refrain from investing in companies that they audit, to ensure objective, truthful reporting and opinion.'
  4. 'Not just for accountants but for managers, auditors, share-holders and company directors, the world is now a different place.'
  5. 'The decision to appoint an external auditor for the bank is the mandate of the board of governors, a body superior to the board of directors.'
  6. 'The quality of the information is based on the board asking the right questions of the external auditors, hence the need for qualified financial experts.'
  7. 'Governors will in future directly appoint and manage external auditors on fair trading, rather than through an Executive department.'
  8. 'He has ordered government auditors to conduct a study on the use of secret funds and report findings by year end.'
  9. 'The auditors have also informed the council they will be arriving to go through the accounts of the charter celebrations.'
  10. 'It remained liable for the monitoring of the company, even when external auditors were appointed.'
  11. 'External auditors are barred from consulting work.'
A listener.
  1. 'It buys you a moment to get used to being on stage, it gives you a chance to speak out loud and to steady your voice and it establishes a relationship with the auditors.'


1. a person appointed and authorized to examine accounts and accounting records, compare the charges with the vouchers, verify balance sheet and income items, and state the result.

2. a university student registered for a course without credit and without obligation to do work assigned to the class.

3. a hearer; listener.


"There can be auditor reports."
"There can be auditor prices."
"There can be auditor coopers."
"There can be auditor roles."
"There can be auditor certificates."
"There can be auditor independences."
"There can be auditor responsibilities."
"There can be auditor liabilities."
"There can be auditor issues."
"There can be auditor remunerations."
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"auditors can value shares as experts."
"auditors can put deficits at people/places/organizations."
"auditors can provide assurances about management systems."
"auditors can pin down figures from budgets."
"auditors can have disagreements with people/places/organizations."
"auditors can express opinions on statements."
"auditors can deliver audits to people/places/organizations."
"auditors can conduct works by purchasers."
"auditors can check records at brokers."
"auditors can want regimes to professions."
"auditors can value shares in companies."
"auditors can use procedures instead of things."
"auditors can tell people/places/organizations to reserves."
"auditors can take leads in treatments."
"auditors can take accounts in things."
"auditors can submit opinions on things."
"auditors can spend times out of places."
"auditors can spend times out of offices."
"auditors can see risks in minis."
"auditors can scare hells out of everybodies."

Middle English: from Old French auditeur, from Latin auditor, from audire ‘to hear’.

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