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Relating to or deriving from Asia.
  1. 'The bamboo, apparently with some genetic memory of its roots in steamy Asiatic climes, was spreading ferociously, its roots stealthily undermining surrounding shrubs and sending up a multitude of shoots in their midst.'
  2. 'When the religion was established, its founders were influenced by Greek philosophy and Asiatic thought.'
  3. 'For a sunny bed, I've planted wide swaths of bearded iris, Asiatic lilies, and daylilies together, which becomes the mid-summer highlight of my garden.'
  4. 'The arrival of Asiatic cholera in Europe in 1830, against which quarantines proved singularly ineffective, heralded the demise of the system.'
  5. 'They asked about the differences between an African and Asiatic lion, about how a radio collar works and how the shrinking forests have affected the animals.'
  6. 'When the first Spanish and Portuguese explorers arrived in the New World they found Asiatic chickens.'
  7. 'A few years later I was in the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in India's Gujarat state, where the last remaining Asiatic lions live.'
  8. 'Fewer than 300 Asiatic lions are left in the wild - all concentrated in the same area, the Gir Forest in Gujarat, India - while only 200 live in captivity.'
  9. 'Several European and Asiatic spruces have promise for use as Christmas trees in Ohio.'
  10. 'Arna is a 46-year old Asiatic elephant who was transported to Australia as an orphan from Vietnam many decades ago.'


An Asian person.
    ((n.) Something peculiar to Asia or the Asiatics.)

    Via Latin Asiaticus from Greek Asiatikos, from Asia (see Asia).

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