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A steep-sided gully formed by the action of fast-flowing water in an arid or semi-arid region, found chiefly in the south-western US.
  1. 'Sea-kayak around uninhabited islands and hike desert arroyos, then spend evenings swapping expedition tales with Messner and Kane.'
  2. 'We found the Thomas River to be a dry bed - an arroyo - in a basin depressed twenty-five to thirty meters below the level of the sandplain.'
  3. 'The trail was flat under the hot sun, and the arroyos and mesas were becoming familiar.'
  4. 'A few seconds later I emerge from an arroyo, and with the road now traveling due north, the Santa Lucias loom directly ahead, a great shrouded wall plunging down to meet the Pacific.'
  5. 'In the hills along the upper arroyo, there's another famous bridge.'
  6. 'The site plan responds to the site's topography, respecting natural arroyos and ridges.'
  7. 'Chaparral is found on north- and east-facing slopes on the side of the island facing the mainland and also in arroyos (dry gullies that carry water after a rain) on the Pacific slopes.'
  8. 'While the Charles and Henry Greene-designed Gamble House, overlooking the arroyo, is the city's best-known Arts and Crafts landmark, the style also became popular in middle-class areas.'
  9. 'Another view appeared: a rocky arroyo with a group of the dark-haired creatures gathered around the carcass of a long-legged furry animal.'
  10. 'When scientists hunt for dinosaur tracks they look for areas where ancient layers of sedimentary rock are exposed, such as cliffs, sea coasts, quarries, open-pit mines, desert arroyos, and along the banks of rivers and streams.'
((n.) A water course; a rivulet.|--|(n.) The dry bed of a small stream.|--|)

noun, plural arroyos.

1. (chiefly in southwest U.S.) a small steep-sided watercourse or gulch with a nearly flat floor: usually dry except after heavy rains.

Mid 19th century: from Spanish.

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