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(of two or more people) with arms linked.
  1. 'Trace and I were linked arm in arm, waiting politely for some people to enter before we made our way out.'
  2. 'Evening is beginning to fall and a young couple walks past me me, arm in arm.'
  3. 'Eliza and Bernadette walked arm in arm into the two-story house they were residing in for the summer.'
  4. 'It is common for two grown men to greet by kissing each other on both cheeks, and for either men or women to walk down the street arm in arm.'
  5. 'We walked arm in arm away from the Evergreen together in the thinly snow covered ground.'
  6. 'They walked down the hall together arm in arm not aware of the secrets each was keeping from the other.'
  7. 'As they walked away, arm in arm, Egewe turned several times, ensuring that no one was following them.'
  8. 'Here, they are all out under the arcades, walking slowly, often arm in arm.'
  9. 'Seven decades on, they returned to the church to celebrate their platinum anniversary and once again walked down the aisle arm in arm.'
  10. 'It was snowing again when Carol and I walked back to Unit Nine, arm in arm, and unlocked our familiar door.'


1. the upper limb of the human body, especially the part extending from the shoulder to the wrist.

2. the upper limb from the shoulder to the elbow.

3. the forelimb of any vertebrate.

4. some part of an organism like or likened to an arm.

5. any armlike part or attachment, as the tone arm of a phonograph.

6. a covering for the arm, especially a sleeve of a garment: the arm of a coat.

7. an administrative or operational branch of an organization: A special arm of the government will investigate.

8. Nautical. any of the curved or bent pieces of an anchor, terminating in the flukes.

9. an armrest. 10. an inlet or cove: an arm of the sea. 1

1. a combat branch of the military service, as the infantry, cavalry, or field artillery. 1

2. power; might; strength; authority: the long arm of the law. 1

3. Typography. either of the extensions to the right of the vertical line of a K or upward from the vertical stem of a Y. Idioms 1

4. an arm and a leg, a great deal of money: Our night on the town cost us an arm and a leg. 1

5. arm in arm, with arms linked together or intertwined: They walked along arm in arm. 1

6. at arm's length, not on familiar or friendly terms; at a distance: He's the kind of person you pity but want to keep at arm's length. 1

7. in the arms of Morpheus, asleep: After a strenuous day, he was soon in the arms of Morpheus. 1

8. on the arm, Slang. free of charge; gratis: an investigation of policemen who ate lunch on the arm. 1

9. put the arm on, Slang. to solicit or borrow money from: She put the arm on me for a generous contribution. to use force or violence on; use strong-arm tactics on: If they don't cooperate, put the arm on them. 20. twist someone's arm, to use force or coercion on someone. 2

1. with open arms, cordially; with warm hospitality: a country that receives immigrants with open arms.


"arm-in-arms can be with people."
"arm-in-arms can be throughout people."
"arm-in-arms can be on criticisms."
"arm-in-arms can be down streets."



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