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An antechamber, typically serving as a waiting room.
  1. 'The anteroom of his county election headquarters is festooned with cheery signs such as one saying Voting Just Got Easier.'
  2. 'Funeral parties mingle in confusion in anterooms whispering ‘Whose funeral are you here for?’'
  3. 'It has the character of an anteroom, suggesting that more spacious rooms lie beyond, not just smaller ones.'
  4. 'His rearrangement of the furniture left an important room, the anteroom to the drawing room, without a centrepiece.'
  5. 'And she did it while sitting in the Prime Minister's anteroom!'
  6. 'The building was simply decorated and deserted, except for a monk white-washing the walls of an anteroom.'
  7. 'On Monday morning Julie, Marco and Ben were in the orphanage anteroom sharp at eleven, complete with carry-cot, nappies and bottle.'
  8. 'There I found a special reception desk (to ward off visitors rather than welcome them) and was shown into an anteroom.'
  9. 'Between courses each diner is invited to an anteroom to record their opinions about the other guests.'
  10. 'He was old and in failing health, but still taking visitors who daily waited in an anteroom for hours for the privilege of speaking with him for a few minutes.'
  11. 'As the formal Anteroom in the mess, it doubles as a smaller, more intimate dining room for official functions.'
((n.) A room before, or forming an entrance to, another; a waiting room.)


1. a room that admits to a larger room.

2. a waiting room.


"anterooms can be with dresses."
"anterooms can be with designs."
"offices can have anterooms."

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