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Broadcasting time devoted to a particular record, performer, or musical genre.
  1. 'The record received steady airplay, and CNN even interviewed Blakely about the phenomenon.'
  2. 'The most promising bands and artists will get the chance to record a session and get airplay, and be given a slot supporting a headline band at a live event.'
  3. 'There are parallels for this - like the moment artists started being paid for radio airplay.'
  4. 'Radio airplay is considered the most powerful promotional tool for record companies.'
  5. 'The young Galway man has been enjoying a good run on the circuit with plenty of work and decent airplay on the regional stations.'
  6. 'On the back of their Park performance, the band has played Warrington University and received airplay on local radio.'
  7. 'The American Music Awards are tellingly chosen by the public from a shortlist of nominees picked because of radio airplay and record sales.'
  8. 'The song has been receiving an amount of airplay on the regional radio stations and Barry is very pleased with the reaction.'
  9. 'We truly believe that each artist on FightCloud is top quality and each deserve radio airplay and a record deal.'
  10. 'The Hindu Times gets its first airplay tomorrow on BBC Radio 1 at 8.15 am.'


1. the act or an instance of broadcasting recorded material over radio or television.


"airplays can be on televisions."
"airplays can be on shows."
"struggles can have airplays."
"airplays can be from peels."
"airplays can be at awards."

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