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A pilot or member of the crew of an aircraft, especially in an air force.
  1. 'About 20 former pilots gathered at the Imperial War Museum in central London, where sketches of the airmen with their aircraft are displayed.'
  2. 'Captain Paris and this first attachment of airmen had already completed an operational tour by flying the required 25 missions.'
  3. 'With all four of the downed airmen safely aboard, the flight crew made preparations for takeoff.'
  4. 'It's the level of organization where Air Force pilots and airmen feel they're part of the same unit.'
  5. 'Popular historians have tended to paint a relationship of adversaries between the troop carrier airmen and airborne paratroopers.'
  6. 'Some 640 airmen and ground crew are joining the aircraft.'
  7. 'Though admittedly this was not a breakthrough idea, it was a reasonable request, so Smith's office worked with the airman to implement a solution.'
  8. 'You'll need to fill out an FAA airman's form, which is completed by the safety inspector and then sent to Oklahoma City for record keeping.'
  9. 'A lot of times you're not, as a downed pilot or a downed airman, able to avoid capture.'
  10. 'The boat got stuck on a mud bank and his skipper shouted to let the airman go.'
  11. 'The increasing complexity of military technology meant that soldiers, sailors, and airmen had to do complex jobs which required quick thinking, initiative, literacy, and numeracy.'
  12. 'All enquiries should be made in writing giving the full name, rank and service number, where possible, of the airman / airwoman.'
  13. 'More than 100 veteran airmen, trainee pilots and base officials gathered at RAF Church Fenton on Saturday to swap stories about the station.'
  14. 'The book lists the names of those 18,000 officers, non-commissioned officers, airmen and airwomen stationed in North Yorkshire who were killed in action in the Second World War.'
  15. 'Commanded by Squadron Leader Carl ‘Spike’ Jepson, The Red Arrows consists of over 100 officers and airmen drawn from throughout the RAF.'
  16. 'Now the senior airman who headed the investigation into the crash has demanded it is reopened after new evidence came to light.'
  17. 'A Book Of Remembrance in front of the clock names those killed in action including officers, non-commissioned officers, airmen and airwomen of many units and nations.'
  18. 'Thirty-two US airmen arrived at Hoedspruit air base yesterday to set up aid operations for up to 600 American troops.'
  19. 'One of the driving factors in tools standardization is to make getting the answers or the rest of the story easier for the airmen and civilians who are the backbone of the Air Force spares support business.'
  20. 'He was part of the new breed of airmen, the kind the Air Force needed to build a separate image.'
  21. 'If you're at least a senior airman with three years' Air Force experience, you can submit a package.'
  22. 'The 2003 Air Force Posture Statement reminds airmen that the nature of the Air Force is not home-station operations but deployed operations.'
  23. 'These airmen were a segregated unit of African-American pilots, which was awarded more than 150 Flying Crosses for valour during World War II.'
  24. 'He was reinstated at his former senior airman rank and assigned to Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.'
  25. 'All airmen, junior NCOs and senior NCOs must learn how to function as effective leaders in the officership environment.'
  26. 'Beyond the jets is the small Air Force enclave where nearly 500 airmen live and work.'
  27. 'I do this not to demean the contributions of the Air Force or its airmen.'
  28. 'By providing doors that open and close, climate controls, and proper lighting, airmen are able to increase productivity and quickly turn jets.'
  29. 'The airman notified a tech sergeant, who then opened a panel to check the hydraulic leak.'

noun, plural airmen.

1. an aviator.

2. U.S. Air Force. an enlisted person of one of the three lowest ranks (airman basic, airman, airman first class)

3. a member of a military aircrew.

4. (in other countries) an enlisted person in the air force.


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